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Sales management is indispensable to any company or establishment, Sales management plays an essential role in facilitating the direction of activities and functions involved in the distribution of goods and services, Sales management has also gained great importance in our time, Due to its role in the face of increased competition, and its impact on improving distribution methods to reduce cost and increase profits, Sales management is now the most important job in any business, Even if you have a knack for completing trades or have brochures, ads, and web pages that are effective for individual sales, It’s usually not enough to increase your profits, You need to manage successful sales, In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know about sales management and how you can benefit from it in your business.

Sales management concept

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According to Philip Kotler, Sales management is analysis, implementation planning and control of programs designed to achieve desired exchanges with target markets for regulatory objectives.

Sales management includes more than tracking the business you book and supporting your sales team, Its work begins with helping to develop appropriate products, setting appropriate prices and distributing in the right places.

The sales management process continues to follow up on marketing messages and customer service, The sales management process also allows plans to be developed, monitored and results tracked to continue to adapt, eliminate vulnerabilities and take advantage of opportunities.

The importance of sales management

Using a variety of sales management techniques will actually help you generate an additional percentage of profits, which will help you finance growth and thus continuous expansion, The importance and role of sales management can be explained in the following points:

1) Sales management ensures product development

The sales management program involves keeping your sales staff in close contact with customers and monitoring competition to determine whether your product line is as appropriate as possible.

Adding a new product to your line can help you, or change or remove features or drop elements of the product mix, to increase your sales and profits.

Sales management processes also regularly review what you sell to make sure you offer the perfect product or service to generate high sales volumes and profit margins.

2) Sales management improves product distribution

Sales reports don’t provide you with information about what’s being sold and how much you’re selling, It also provides you with information about where to achieve your sales through the relationship between sales and distributions, The sales management program also evaluates and increases your use of your distribution methods.

3) Sales management provides you with better financial decisions

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May provide some of your best-selling products, In terms of size, lower profit margins, which causes a burden on production and management departments, Here highlights the role of sales management.

Sales management provides you with detailed reports on your sales , Including information on overheads, production costs, cost of sales and profit margins.

Sales management also helps you contribute to profit, opportunity cost and the impact of getting each product on your operations, A low margin element with high sales volumes may provide a good profit margin, This makes it an element that needs no thinking to keep in your class.

And if you can exclude this element, causing a corresponding increase in sales of higher-margin items, You may want to stop selling it.

4) Sales management increases staff quality

The sales plan is as good as the people who use it, The main part of any sales management programme is the recruitment, training and management of sales staff, According to the management study manual.

A good sales manager is able to motivate the sales team, This includes developing their knowledge of products, And train them on calls, Improve writing and presentation skills and help them work in their areas effectively.

You know how he can serve you in sales management.

Sales management objectives

Increasing sales volume, contributing to profits and growth are the three main objectives that the sales function is expected to achieve, Although these are broad institutional functions that must be achieved by senior management, However, sales contribute significantly to their achievement, There are a number of objectives that sales management seeks to achieve, Which:

  1. Revenue generation:

One of the main objectives of sales management is to generate revenue for the organization, The sales department is solely responsible for bringing in funds.

  1. Increased sales volume:

Through effective sales management, THE ORGANIZATION WANTS TO INCREASE THE NUMBER OF UNITS SOLD, This will ensure that production facilities do not remain disabled and are used to the fullest.

  1. Making sustainable profits:

Sales management aims to improve the organization’s profits through effective planning, coordination and control, Sales management is also striving to increase sales and reduce costs, This ensures good profits for the organization.

  1. Organization growth:

Through continuous sales management techniques, The organization tends to gain market share and results in the organization’s growth.

  1. Market leadership:

As sales and profits increase, Sales management enables the organization to become a market leader.

  1. Motivating the sales team:

One of the primary objectives of sales management is to motivate the sales team, Selling is a very stressful task, Achieving sales targets can become very difficult, therefore, The sales management’s mission is to ensure that the sales team is constantly motivated by appropriate incentive and reward systems.

  1. Providing complementary marketing activities:

The mission of sales management is to support marketing functions in the organization, Marketing and sales must go hand in hand to achieve the desired results.

What is successful sales management?

Due to the tremendous development of the market this period, which is constantly evolving, There is an urgent need for a successful sales department, Successful sales management methods are conditional on the nature of individual products or production lines, But successful sales management is the one that is able to achieve a number of goals, Most notably:

How to manage successful sales?

There are four key interconnected branches in successful sales management, Where:

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  1. Top-level policy planning, that sets a policy framework through which sales goals can be achieved for a company or organization, Depending on the special status of the individual company.
  2. Operational planning of the line and staff, through which the procedures are pre-set, through which the quality and quantity of work can be controlled.
  3. organization and structure of normal responsibilities and mutual relations, As the organization’s activities, And assign responsibility, and devolution, And follow accountability, And to clarify the nature of cooperation.
  4. Management, through which management meets the planned objectives through guidance and activity evaluation, Including sales training, motivation, coordination and implementation.

What is the sales management system?

also referred to as sales management program or crm for sales, It is the ultimate program designed to make the sales process simpler.

Sales representatives can use the system to manage contacts, track transactions, and clear boring management functions from their offices so they can focus on increasing sales.

Benefits of the sales management system

The sales management system can enhance team effectiveness by reducing management tasks and focusing customer information, The system also allows the sales manager to assign tasks to the right representative and prioritize good potential customers, In addition to improving forecasting and analysis, The main benefits of the sales management system include:

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How to manage your sales team effectively

If you want to know how to manage the sales team effectively, you’ve reached the right place, Managing the sales team is certainly a challenge, And his administration. effectively will help you significantly increase your company’s productivity and profitability, Here are the top tips to help you manage your sales team effectively:

1) Treat each member of the sales team as the owner of the same company, Where sales staff are more willing to flourish when they are granted parity and independence to act on behalf of the employer, After all they are in sales to make money for themselves and do it by making money for the company.

2) Ask for ideas, And get the results, By listening to what the small business sales team is saying and holding them accountable for their ideas, After providing them with the tools they ask for, Make sure they are held responsible for their performance, And wait for them to results.

Instead of detailed management or being exceptionally strict, Give each member time to explain what you need to succeed, That’s because they’re on the front lines and interacting with small business and potential customers, Of course, they have knowledge of how to better deliver and sell your products or services.

3) Choose a controllable ratio of the team, Is your sales team too big? Too small? Effective sales team management depends on how many sales team members you can actually manage, Effective sales team management will also effectively affect the company’s business operations as well.

4) Track each member’s performance, By making continuous assessments of each member of your team, And you can find out who produces and who doesn’t, In addition Follow up with customers and ask for their impression of your team members, Of course, they will be honest because their business depends on your product or service.

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