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What we need to pay attention to in teaching methods is that there is no better teaching method than another, But there are educational attitudes that require us to adopt one method without another, It is a way that attracts students’ attention and psychological, emotional and emotional satisfaction. Emotional approach. Skill needs.

1. Definition

The teaching method refers to all the processes and activities of the teacher in the classroom, the teaching methods and the attitudes he uses on the basis of a solid plan that takes into account the level and capacity of learners. This is to provide them with knowledge, skills and attitudes to achieve their goals or competencies at the end of the course. Teachers may not only use a teaching method and can even integrate multiple methods if they think they will help the student learn. therefore Audio-visual methods can be used, or can be integrated (for example, Using video), Or after listening to a lecture or audio recording or video Etc.

The 3 teaching methods: Its importance, foundations and types 1 The 3 teaching methods: Its importance, foundations and types

2- The pillars of modern methods of teaching

Modern teaching methods rely on a series of pillars designed to free the learner from all the constraints that hinder his learning and open the way for him to create, give and participate in experiences. Applying the origins of teaching differences in class. Editing and using the mental processes of learners (observation, analysis, installation, application, Rating …) Improving the critical and scientific thinking of learners. Educating learners in the form of collective cooperation at work.

3- How does the teacher choose teaching methods?

The 3 teaching methods: Its importance, foundations and types 2 The 3 teaching methods: Its importance, foundations and types

The teacher faces a number of obstacles that prevent him from using a particular teaching method. He is happy in another way that may not be as effective as other methods. This choice is controlled by several factors, some of which can be listed: The level of learners and their self-preparation. Means available within the institution. Insufficient school time for the course. Infrastructure. Continuous communication with teachers about education and educational development. Number of learners in class.

Types of teaching methods

The 3 teaching methods: Its importance, foundations and types 3 The 3 teaching methods: Its importance, foundations and types

A- Teacher-based teaching methods

Many teaching methods can be distinguished and classified as the active aspect of the process: Teaching method: It is also called the lecture method, It is often used in teaching, Where many teachers are used in teaching because they are professors of classroom knowledge Frederick · Herbert’s German party, He incorporated the conclusion and extrapolation. These methods are traditional and may not be suitable for students in the first stage of education.

Teaching methods on which teachers and students depend together

They are all ways of structuring courses that rely on the active interaction of teachers and learners in acquiring the intended knowledge. That is, learning is done in the work of the learner and under the supervision of the teacher. These include: Collaborative learning: Also known as interactive learning (e.g. brainstorming). – Scientific presentation: That is. Teachers present the experiences and methods used in science lessons and present the facts as they are. Project: It means conscious thinking with a view to achieving learning. In advance Pay attention to the purpose of the implementation. Storytelling: It is an educational method aimed at providing an educational subject using storytelling because it has a positive impact on students’ minds.

Learner-based teaching methods

Learners are required to acquire knowledge in accordance with their own efforts under the simple guidance of teachers. These approaches can be summarized as follows: Educational package: The educational package is a collection of educational equipment, tools, materials and tools for educational activities. Automated education: Programmatic education is to control the experience provided to learners, and allow learners to learn for themselves, and correct their mistakes and communicate even after leaving school, This allows for communication with teachers and colleagues everywhere.

The importance of modern teaching methods

The 3 teaching methods: Its importance, foundations and types 4 The 3 teaching methods: Its importance, foundations and types

Familiarity with modern teaching methods has become a priority for teachers today for their effective impact on improving the quality of teaching, Because traditional methods are no longer sufficient for the needs of education in the twenty-first century, Where the wheels of evolution became very fast, In thousands. Don’t waste your time wasting study time with a tried-and-tested method that evokes modern and effective teaching methods that evoke the realities of the communities to which learners belong by simulating social and economic realities in the classroom, enabling today’s learners to shorten and burn distances in acquiring, understanding and applying information, Training to meet all situations and provide new preparedness for the situation. By enabling learners to use a variety of ways to face real reality and develop this reality for the better. This is the goal of the teaching and learning process to create a school that is open to its surroundings, and bring society to the heart of the school, and create vibrant schools by moving from passive teaching to effective teaching, From admission to self-study to collaborative learning.


The 3 teaching methods: Its importance, foundations and types 5 The 3 teaching methods: Its importance, foundations and types

While teaching methods represent a range of proven techniques for transferring knowledge in the simplest and best way, However, the final decision remains in the way the teacher leads the classroom, He must therefore use his experience, talents and abilities to find the best education and teach a way to separate him.

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