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The concept of remote training and the right environment for it

The modern era is characterized by the tremendous growth of knowledge and technology and the era of the information revolution, Because modern technology has imposed itself on different fields such as education and teaching methods, The interdependence of societies has been strengthened to a certain extent. It’s called the Electronic Village.
    The concept of remote training and the right environment for it

The concept of remote training and the right environment for it

Perhaps the last revolution was the Internet revolution. Despite the temporal and spatial differences, However, the network continues to enhance communication and dominate the world, So the term e-commerce appeared, Followed by e-learning.

Remote training

On the one hand, Modern technology has facilitated learning and education. On the other hand, Computers have become easier to use, Individuals are encouraged to use computers, And they feel illiterate when they can’t use computers, While developed countries yearn to provide citizens with educational and training programs, This is one of the ways of distance education, It is also one of the methods that was established via the World Wide Web in western countries some time ago, Some Arab countries have adopted this method because it helps to form individuals, illiterates or housewives who use this method to study or work according to their own situation and time according to a specific schedule. In the age of globalization known as the era of communication, The world has become a global village. Learners insist on using computerized teaching methods while still relying on teaching methods.

The importance of learning

Education is as important to humanity as freedom of self-determination and freedom of expression. Learning is like the flow of air that we rise from the ground to the sky. This makes our transition from obedience to leadership elusive. From ignorance to knowledge, out of nowhere to exist. The geographical characteristics of deserts and mountains in some or most Arab countries make it extremely difficult to pass on knowledge to those looking for knowledge. However , When choosing the media to use, You need to check remote training at the same time, Fearing that some people will insist on using the blackboard to train a large number of media. Or use the disks to teach science that requires simultaneous interaction with lecturers or teachers. The time, time and dignity of students are also respected. We will not reduce the information to the point of absurdity, And we will not complicate it to the degree of philosophy, So the knowledge is lost from us Learners lose opportunities for growth, progress and optimism.

The development of education

Today’s world is witnessing a rapid development of information technology (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY) in various fields, so it has become an essential element of the success of any organization and an important requirement for gaining a rapid competitive and continuity advantage. An ever-changing environment: For e-learning and information and computer applications for remote training, because according to the knowledge-based global economy (knowledge-based economy), training is a plan for sustainable human development. The emergence of new means with interactive functions that can overcome the elements of time and distance over the Internet or the so-called Internet, and get information easily, thus overcoming the variables in traditional education by providing the following methods: for those who want to do so at the lowest cost for people who do not need any knowledge to develop their knowledge, this is a great opportunity. , is one of the alternatives for those seeking improvement. Knowledge and Development

The concept of remote training

Distance education or training is a modern teaching method. Unlike traditional education, which requires direct contact between students and teachers in a particular place, The term distance education began to be used at the end of the nineteenth century in order to provide individuals with opportunities to learn, Regardless of their geographical location or economic or social status, UNESCO has pointed out that the meaning of distance education is “in the educational process, all or most teaching to people who are spaced out in time, The important point is that most contacts between teachers and learners are made through intermediaries, Whether they are electronic or printed (UNESCO, 2002).
Distance education or training can be defined as “sharing information through computers for the purpose of education, training or knowledge management. Some people believe that e-learning is not limited to the use of computers in learning, But it also includes the use of computers and computers. Network stations, Bring education to your home or a convenient location for students who cannot attend lectures regularly or at specific times. It can be concluded that e-learning is the use of peripheral network technology to support and promote education through a series of applications, Many researchers believe that e-learning can be considered part of the term distance education based on its main role.

What role does ICT play in it?

It provides a quick way to transmit the information and interaction it provides to users. Remote training includes basic concepts, Which are the dimensions that are expressed in distance, place and time, These concepts can be controlled and controlled through modern communication technology and signage using modern communication devices.

Educational environment for distance education or training:

The educational environment for distance education includes:
1. Teachers should have the following characteristics: The ability to teach and use modern teaching techniques knowing the use of computers including the Internet and email
2. The learner needs the following characteristics: Self-study skills know how to use computers including the Internet and email
3. Technical support staff, They have the following characteristics: Of course the components of the computer and the Internet are allocated in addition to knowledge of the technology of education and the process of learning and education It also understands some computer software related to the system
4. Central Technical Staff
5. Central Administrative System

Remote training assessment:

The characteristics of remote training are the ability to program web pages, As well as the variety of courses and tests offered, Including:
  • Multi-option
  • The answer is right or wrong.
  • Choose a tray

Comments will be provided to learners after the answer is complete methods used in remote training

  • The remote training system includes two types of equipment: Communication equipment and tools must be easy to use and correct in content. Remote training systems are represented in large institutions and universities with one or more large computers, which performs the task of distributing programs, All job-running programs are focused on the program. Extend their studies and certification after passing the prescribed tests. One type.

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The concept of remote training and the right environment for it 1 The concept of remote training and the right environment for it

The concept of remote training and the right environment for it

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The concept of remote training and the right environment for it

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