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The difference between e-training and traditional training

As the world evolves today, Technology and electronic development in various fields change with each passing day. In light of these developments, Due to the emergence of e-learning, Traditional education has become heavily threatened, Even traditional training has become a matter of today’s world.
    The difference between e-training and traditional training

The difference between e-training and traditional training

In the past, Since the world today is witnessing an accelerated development of this concept, E-training has become a favorite for many people, Whether they are students, employees, companies or government agencies.

What is e-training:

E-training can be defined as the following process: In the process, An interactive environment will be created with a large number of applications based on computer technology, networks and multimedia, So that trainees can interact with their resources in the shortest time. Goals in the shortest time and in the shortest time. Spend the least amount of energy. The e-training process includes the provision of training and educational programs through various electronic media (e.g. CDs and the Internet, through audio or video halls), Through self-training or training with trainers across online platforms.

The importance of e-training:

  • The trainee is the person who controls the training process, The trainer only needs the trainee’s guidance.
  • Trainees are participants in the training process (active interaction).
  • Reduces the cost of the training process and improves the efficiency of trainees.
  • Improves students’ ability to use computers and take advantage of the Internet.
  • Allow trainees to use training bags if necessary

E-training objectives:

  • Knowledge and self-learning.
  • Training takes place at any time or place suitable for trainees.
  • Help trainees use available information and communication technologies and networks.
  • Prepare for life in the age of informatics knowledge.
  • Overcoming the problems of traditional training methods.

Data and facts about e-training:

  • According to a survey conducted in 2011, He found that in the United States alone, More than 3 million students study online.
  • Another statistic confirmed that in 2011, $35.6 billion has been spent on e-learning and self-study worldwide.
  • You may be surprised that global spending on e-learning increased in 2014 to $56.2 billion.
  • Reports from global companies show that e-learning can save 50% of training costs and 50% of training time.
  • Among fortune 500 companies, More than 41.7% of companies use some form of online education and training to train their employees during working hours.
  • Did you know that the main reason for leaving 25% of employees is the lack of training to qualify them and the lack of educational opportunities?

The difference between e-training and traditional training:

  • When talking about traditional training, We found it personal training, And the flow of information in one direction, And the lecture is mandatory, And the trainee is the only recipient, Which means it’s a negative training.
  • As far as time and space are concerned, They are scheduled in the training room and are satisfied with limited assistance, which is usually nothing more than verbal explanation.
  • At last In terms of training materials, coach fees and rental of the place, Traditional training costs are high.
  • In terms of e-training, Compared to traditional training, Its advantages are much greater, Because it is collaborative training and interactive two-way information flow, Lectures have the characteristics of self-training and personal exploration.
  • Another advantage is that the trainee participates in the training process, which is considered effective training, The trainee also receives information the way he wants and at the time and time it suits him.
  • Perhaps the advantage of e-training is that it allows trainees to use the Internet and all available assistance methods provided by other organizations, And use different training methods.
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The difference between e-training and traditional training

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The difference between e-training and traditional training

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