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The most important duties of the coach in his training course

In your training plan, there are several criteria for evaluating a professional coach.
    The most important duties of the coach in his training course

The most important duties of the coach in his training course

What to do as a coach:

  • Adhering to dating rules if you meet the following conditions, Dating can be restricted: Select rest time for participants.
  • Close the door of the training room at the agreed time.
  • Supporting the educational process creates a positive atmosphere by encouraging participants.
  • Deal with each subject individually.
  • Easy to hard.
  • Allow participants to take full advantage of the five senses.
  • Encourage participants to imagine.

If you remember adults, You will be more successful in training:

  • They hope to learn to find that training is the key to their success.
  • In this world, Unemployment is already common.
  • People realize that the only factor that benefits them in their new job is their skills.
  • They need to share and advice, That is, let them know what they will learn before training.
  • It increases their acceptance and commitment to enthusiasm and participation.
  •  They want to make sure that the content is appropriate, That is, they want to make sure that training topics, tools and activities are designed to meet their own situation and needs.
  • They like to discuss the content of the learning process because they think they can criticize these ideas openly.
  • They love a lot of problems, And if they find that their problems are taken seriously and taken care of, They’ll love her, too.
  • They like to be treated equally and do not want to be marginalized or despised.
  • They love practice and hands-on.
The most important duties of the coach in his training course

Training the skills of the keynote address:

Regardless of the type of information you want to communicate with the trainees, If the delivery of information contains challenges, fun, excitement and humor, Their understanding will increase. What happened dear coach, Take a look at the following lines to find the answer:
  • Welcome the group members to the lobby and express your happiness when participating in the training.
  •  Officially welcome the group after everyone is in their place, Remind them of the course schedule, expected results, training time and rest time, Tell them that you will distribute a copy of the training content after the session. It is very useful to write the expected results on the template board and comment on them on the right side of the blackboard.
  •  Challenge them or tell a story to get their attention and enjoy the meeting.
  •  asking rhetorical questions every now and then, And challenge the audience, And listen to their opinions, Ask them questions and raise your hand to participate.
  •  Focus on participants who have shown a spirit of cooperation from the outset.
  • First enter new information and focus on training topics.
  •  Don’t read a word with a word of notes, transparent papers or slides, to give trainees a chance. He then summarized the main points.

Keep your participant’s attention in the following ways:

  •  Change your presentation approximately every 7 minutes (e.g. asking questions, filling out data, or turning meetings into seminars). Change the sound score to attract attention. Make your expression attractive and talkative.
  • Use the signs appropriately. Stand for every half hour to activate circulation.
  •  If the duration of the cycle is longer, Please change the student seating position.
  •  Walk around the hall and approach the trainees, especially when they ask you because staying away from them can cause you obstacles between you and them.
  •  If you’re good at humor, please start with a sense of humor or design an interesting story that suits the topic Whether it’s a story or the smell isn’t good, it’ll increase the tension in the room and make you feel embarrassed.
  •  Let the trainees vote or ask for an opinion or support for the cause, This will show that participants are interested in their opinions.
  •  by sharing stories and ideas, Or use analogies or borrowed similarities.
  •  Use visual presentation to influence more than one feeling, He mentioned some articles, books or magazines when she cited famous experts to support the impact on students.

Trainer tips when using overhead projectors (overhead projectors:

You can improve the quality of training with a light projector. Here are some ideas to help you make the most of this device:

  • Make sure the lamp is good. Check before you start training.
  • Learn how to use equipment before viewing.
  •  Before you start using it please focus on lighting the device to avoid embarrassment and make sure that the image looks complete and good on the screen.
  •  Before you start removing any dirt, Clean the newspaper surface where it will be reflected on the screen.
  • Transparent paper number placed in front of you to see the transparency below, Because that’s going to make the show hold.
  • Write 4 to 7 lines transparently at a time.
  • Do not use your fingers to refer to the items on transparent paper, Because your hands may vibrate and the trainees will feel use your nerves, Use pointers for this.
  • First show all the information, Then refer to each individual item for clarification that does not make the program invisible to the public.

Remember that transparent paper will be effective if you follow the following guidelines:

  • * Write large and prominent letters and words.
  • * Avoid using light colors because they are difficult to read.
  • * Change the color of the address and the important point.

The most important duties of the coach in his training course 1 The most important duties of the coach in his training course

The most important duties of the coach in his training course

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The most important duties of the coach in his training course

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