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Knows the interior design As an art of interior planning that includes creativity and practicality, and the design of interior spaces to meet individual and environmental needs; this is based on a range of aesthetic methods and strategies to ensure the safety and security of different designs,[1] the use of interior design has been common since ancient times, except for no clear meaning; It is closely related to architecture, sometimes called environmental design. ]

Types and content of interior design courses

Certificate in Interior Design Level 1

This course provides knowledge and confidence for beginners and new students in the field of interior design development, allowing them the opportunity to qualify for the next level and develop their professional level, The index of this course contains many topics, The most important ones are:

Certificate in Interior Design Level II

In addition to the role of interior designer and the services it provides, It also addresses the most important details, elements and characteristics related to interior design, This provides learners with greater opportunities for development through a professional whose cv is enriched. Enhances his career role and expands the concept of his work. The mechanism for starting the project and its various stages from the planning process to the implementation process.

Certificate in Interior Design Level 3

At this point, Students will be guided through contemporary interior design and teach their core responsibilities as a professional interior designer, In addition to the most important elements, principles and considerations to achieve interior design. This level is eligible for career opportunities in interior design or construction companies, Or in private business as a design consultant.

Certificate in Interior Design Level 4

The most important interior design courses for 2022 1 The most important interior design courses for 2022

This level covers the basic theoretical aspects, In addition to the skills required to enter this field. Students learn about the modern interior design industry, key design elements, effective use of colors, furniture and lighting, and how to deal properly with customers. At the end of the level the trainee finds the opportunity to find work anywhere in the world, Or they can start their brand from scratch.

Interior Design Diploma

New students or interior design professionals can enroll in an online interior design diploma that includes a range of topics such as how to get started, understand the basics of design and how to strengthen the relationship between designers and customers. This course offers seven units and is represented by:

Interior designer skills

The most important interior design courses for 2022 2 The most important interior design courses for 2022

Designers need some skills to master interior design, and here are some skills for interior designers:

Design responsibilities of interior designer

There are some responsibilities for interior designers, and here are some of them:

Important software for interior designer

The most important interior design courses for 2022 3 The most important interior design courses for 2022

The interior designer’s job requires him to have a variety of computer skills, In addition to mastering a range of programs required for different design functions, The most important are:

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