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the time

Time is an important resource in personal and social life, The desired goals can be achieved through effective management, Note that the word “time” is the source of the verb (time), And the combination formula (time), Which means: The estimated amount of time for something. Said: He still has anytime usually, It can be defined as: a concept of time and actions that can be done during that time, which is the basic material of life and is available to all.

Definition of time management

Time management and 6 time management steps 1 Time management and 6 time management steps

Management and time form both, because time is the means of management, in order to do its work and achieve its objectives in an orderly and effective manner, Since the time limit, It is necessary to address the definition of time management, As defined by the way, But they all agree that you are interested in doing the work efficiently while ensuring lower cost and better means to achieve the desired goals, These are determined as follows:

With previous definitions, Time management can be defined as: Optimal use of personal time and abilities, ensuring a balance between personal life and work requirements and basic physical, mental and spiritual needs in order to achieve the desired goals.

The importance of time management

Time management and 6 time management steps 2 Time management and 6 time management steps

The importance of time management is reflected in many aspects, The most important are:

Time management keys

Here are the key key to effective and successful time management:

Time management steps effectively

Time management and 6 time management steps 3 Time management and 6 time management steps

Successful time management consists of several steps, most notably:

  1. Review plans, objectives and priorities, because time management will be impossible if one does not have a sound plan, clear objectives and structured priorities.
  2. Make a time plan because it will achieve the goal in the short term.
  3. Select a list of daily achievements and make them part of an individual’s private life to ensure special breaks rather than oversigning the location of many tasks on the list.
  4. Closing the doors of escape from tasks and responsibilities that should not be avoided, such as procrastination, laziness, hesitation, etc., Hinders a successful process and causes feelings such as disappointment, anxiety, pain, etc.
  5. Optimal use of marginal time, Which is the lost time between tasks and duties, Like traveling, And the use of the car, And waiting time, And so on, So it should be used in the best possible way, Such as: Read the Qur’an, relax, meditate, Read regularly. In general, Think about, And other things.
  6. Ignore what is urgent and unnecessary, because it wastes an individual’s time and robs him of his or her effectiveness, which reduces its ability to self-regulate, so after setting priorities and objectives, Several standards and tasks of practice must be applied, Which: Validity, necessity and convenience.

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