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As the global economy becomes increasingly dependent on clerical communication in business, It is now necessary for professionals to master their understanding of this communication in writing and pronunciation in the context of the various roles they play. Therefore, Excellence in writing in the field of Business is one of the most valuable skills of written communication, Whether while dealing with emails from customers sent to them, or communicate with managers and colleagues, or reporting and its results or even business-friendly proposals.

 Euromatic’s  writing and creative drafting course aims to develop participants’ knowledge and skills related to the preparation and drafting of correspondence, offices and administrative reports, To introduce them to the administrative and technical skills necessary to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in the formulation of such correspondence and offices in accordance with the identity and objectives of the administrative body, Through this training course and workshop, participants will be able to from creativity in written communication and reporting and drafting speeches and business notes,  By identifying the basics, controls, standards and requirements that are based on reporting, The basic rules to be followed in preparation and writing, which have certain characteristics and rules, must be followed of all kinds, whether the rules or the main ones to be followed in general. The difference between the characteristics of correspondence and offices that trade within the same entity, And those that are done with third parties, In addition to hands-on training in preparing and organizing the content of correspondence, offices and reports correctly in accordance with scientific principles. The use of modern techniques in correspondence, offices and administrative reports

The structure of this course  Training methods not only develop knowledge, skills and competence, but also change the attitudes of participants. The concept of the course is also designed for participants to put it into effect after training while working.

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