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Psychology is a science that researches the scientific study of mental behavior including what we do, how we act, and the process of thinking and perceiving actions, Thought, cognitive perception, interconnected personal relationships, psychological theories and information are tools used to solve problems facing humanity on a large scale, Psychology is science that means self-study and derived from the Latin word psychology, There are currently a number of theories reached in this science , including functionalism, cognitive doctrine and psychoanalysis.

The concept of psychology

Many definitions of psychology have emerged, These definitions contained all aspects of humanity, Psychology can be defined as one of the sciences that focuses on the health and unhealthy state of mental processes and functions, such as understanding, perception and reason.

We can also define it as a science that focuses on the mental and psychological life of a human being and examines the general behavior of the organism in all its external forms of motor, mental and psychological interior.

One of the most prominent themes of psychology that most people look for, All behaviors performed by the individual and the mental activities that contribute to their emergence, such as thought processes, In addition to emotional aspects and emotional effects such as sensation, sadness, joy, happiness, fear, etc.

Psychology goals

The importance of psychology

Psychology is of great importance in human life and multiple societies, Its importance lies in:

Fields of Psychology

Social Psychology Course

This course helps participants learn what others are thinking and why, and get to know people’s actions in different social situations, This course includes a range of topics in social psychology, including how we think about ourselves, how we think about others, how we interact and communicate with others, Ways in which participants can influence and influence others are discussed, Finally, some problematic aspects of human behaviour, such as bias and aggression, are addressed.

The course is based on the importance and role of cognitive processes and their relationship to emotion and the environment, And how the world is in our minds and social perception and how social influence, personal relationships and assistance behavior are formed, In addition to talking about groups, In an effort to put out lights on some of the most important topics of social psychology, To be a key for those who wish to increase later from this branch.

Course axes

Psychological Support Basics Course

The Basics of Psychosocial Support course provides psychological and social support to beneficiaries, The need for this type of support is not limited to periods of war and disaster, Crises can even extend into periods of our lives and we need to have the tools to deal with them.

Evaluation, diagnosis and psychological rehabilitation course for children

This course includes how to measure the mental abilities and life, social and behavioral skills of the condition, In addition to diagnosing disorders and diseases in terms of the general ratio and compared to peers of the same age, with a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of each child and the latest rehabilitation methods to overcome difficulties and disabilities.

Trauma treatment course in children

Parents and mental health workers are most concerned during wars and crises: the psychological recovery of war-prone children, Understanding the psychological situation of a child in war is the first step in the healing journey, This course therefore focuses on the study of trauma in children from the age of birth to the age of 12 and its effects on their emotional, cognitive, social and physical development, The course reviews the stages of loss that the child is going through and how to help the child overcome these stages in a healthy manner, It also deals with PTSD and how it is diagnosed in children, Finally, the course concludes with therapeutic applications to deal with the child after the trauma.

Introduced course in cognitive behavioural therapy

In this course, cognitive behavioural therapy, theories and techniques are presented, And focus on the practical aspect, And review the latest publications on cognitive behavioral therapy methods, The aim of this course is to give an introduction and input to COGNITIVE therapy for the benefit of the beginner and the applicant.


Psychology teaches how to verify the irrational fluctuations of the mind, and put it under the control of will, The self-education is the father of science, Without which all science and all other knowledge do not exist. In the study of the mind, There are no data, no facts, The mind itself is analyzed, And to control the mind, You must delve deeper into the subconscious mind and categorize and arrange all the different impressions and ideas stored there and control them, Through the control of the subconscious mind, awareness is controlled.

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