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What are the different types of training and classification

Training is a way to maximize the professional development of individuals and personal development, which will affect people’s transformation, This leads to changes in concepts, motivation, commitment and responsibility.
    What are the different types of training and classification

What are the different types of training and classification

So , Training is a systematic process that promotes learning and promotes cognitive, emotional and behavioral changes, Thus expanding the capacity to achieve the recommended targets. There are different types of training.

Type of training

By content

The concept of training is very broad, And to avoid confusion, Certain restrictions have been put in place to narrow the scope of work. It’s different from devoting people to working with company managers. So there are different types of training by field of work.

Personal exercise

Also known as life training, It refers to skills training in everyday life. We work in life projects, And personal tasks, And the goals, and strategies for change, Etc. This type of training aims to make a person happy in all walks of life. Training organization can be divided into two different types of training

Business guidelines:

for public institutions or companies, And not just executives. It includes topics such as empowerment, time management, employee relationship preferences, productivity, customer satisfaction and teamwork.

Executive training:

In the type of organizational training, This type of training targets senior executives. Directs leadership development and explores leadership skills, interper person communication and employee performance, Etc.

Sports training

Sports training is basically to stimulate and develop the abilities of athletes. It is also committed to enhancing leadership competencies and skills. When an injury occurs, They help in the healing process. In addition He also worked with coaches and referees to improve the work of a group of athletes, Such as improving short- and long-term goals for athletes.

Type of training by method used

In addition to the general types of training mentioned above, There are other types of training, Depending on the methods used by the trainer in his courses. These types of training can be individual or group

Current training

This is a process aimed at improving the language used by people and the processes and tools of language. Aims to modify and improve the way individuals express themselves. It is based on language and passion, It uses questions, dialogue and body movement to bring about change.

Official training

The training process treats the person as part of the system, That is, he does not believe that he is an isolated element. It is useful to analyze the impact of a person’s behavior on their environment.

Emotional intelligence training

This type of training depends on Daniel Golman’s contribution to emotional intelligence. Self-knowledge and emotional organization are the foundations of personal development and happiness. Emotional intelligence, If it is handled correctly, It will benefit the interests of people and the interests of others.

Mandatory training

Depends on training courses and demands for profound changes through high-impact technology. This type of training has been criticized for its methods.


Analyze how a person explains and confronts reality (visual, auditory, kinetic) to help modify certain behaviors. This training combines training with NLP.” Training helps unlock the talents of all customers”

Cognitive training

This type of training can effectively transfer knowledge in the training process. Keep in mind cognitive function training. Expressive and reasonable function, memory, learning and thinking.

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    About field training and its methods

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What are the different types of training and classification

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