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What is the definition of the term training bags?

Training package: The plural version of the term training package, which here means the content of the course or program in which the individual participates in order to gain useful knowledge for study, work or life.

What are the training bags? 1 What are the training bags?

How are successful training bags prepared?

Training others is a difficult task that no one can accomplish, In this case, the trainer must be qualified in science and practice, The qualification of science lies in the careful study of the profession that is taught or explained. trainee Mastering all aspects, Practical qualifications are reflected in the mandatory trial and are available in The trainer, can only be achieved by training in a particular profession for a long time, and one of the factors that helps the trainer to provide scientific material appropriately is the so-called training package, which must be prepared in an orderly manner, and we will consider the steps of preparing a successful package as follows:

Step 1:

Setting the objectives of the training bag:

The purpose of preparing a package is to develop a program that can be implemented in practice in the field to train a particular group in a way that helps teach trainees a particular profession or skill. understanding things scientifically, This is the development of the material in a simplified way by determining the level of their education, The coach has to put himself in the place of the trainee ;

Step 2:

Collect the scientific material contained in the training bag:

Each package must contain clear scientific material, Therefore, the trainer must collect information on the papers to be taught in the course, by looking at newspapers and magazines to obtain all relevant information, science, the Internet and scientific references to the narrative of information from multiple sources.

Step 3:

Scientific writing:

At first the coach writes the outlines and visualizes the scientific material, Finishing touches and details are preserved, The researcher provides what is written to scientific experts in the field of training to verify the content. Information on any training bag by specialty, And then processed any deviations in the bag, or add information that the coach ignores, It also has a very important element in which the package changes based on what the trainer discovers or concludes from when explaining the scientific material to the trainee. The trainer then detects a lot of data that should be included in the bag. .

Stage 4:

Focus on examples:

This is important and should be included in any successful training package. For example When training a group of employees in a particular institution, It is necessary to cite examples of their actual work; And bring the coach closer to reality and closer to the problem of workers on the ground, It’s a way to succeed and a way to achieve the real goal of the training package.

Fifth step:

To help interpret the contents of any training package:

currently Utility models vary; the availability of many modern technologies makes it easier to view the components and content of any training package in a smooth manner, Including:

What are the training bags? 2 What are the training bags?
What are the training bags? 3 What are the training bags?
What are the training bags? 4 What are the training bags?
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