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What is the purpose and characteristics of training

Training has become a basic method used in many institutions and work areas, Training is designed to try to learn new information or instructions to acquire the skills and knowledge you seek to acquire, Training is also called “training”.
    What is the purpose and characteristics of training

What is the purpose and characteristics of training

regular physical exercise to maintain good health or prepare for a task, for example , a particular activity or activity, Like previous activity, Training is therefore necessary to develop confrontational skills and capabilities. It should be noted that the training period is an important period of preparation and confrontation.

The goal of the training

Reaching the goal a person seeks requires developing skills, effort and training to achieve the goal. Training is necessary to achieve the goal. The purpose of the training is to transfer knowledge and skills to new trainees. When a performance assessment shows the need to improve employee performance for improvement and development, training will help when using their skills to improve their performance, Providing training manuals to enable employees to improve their work efficiency to improve their work efficiency, Continuous improvement in training levels can improve staff function, satisfaction and morale, as well as efficiency and satisfaction, as grade and morale increase, and material profit increases.

Staff training methods

In order for the workforce to become productive, Skills must be developed through training, But many trainees refuse to receive training and think it is boring, But there are several training methods that may make it easier for people to get knowledge and guidance, These include:
Training under the guidance of the coach:
This training is a traditional exercise because the trainer provides training materials to trainees this method is effective and helps trainees understand complex problems and trainees can ask the trainer directly and get the answer.
Online learning, You can watch videos, watch and learn through training courses conducted directly through your smartphone or computer, This method is one of the simplest types of training.
I mean training employees by integrating them with their current jobs and developing and improving their skills, This method requires a lot of time and energy to enable staff to acquire the required skills, This is through experimentation and achievements to complete.
Training through lectures:
This method is done by conducting lectures containing a lot of information and instructions. This is a quick way to provide information.
Group discussions and activities:
Through discussions and group activities, Discussions can enable a group of students to receive training at the same time, These exercises can be managed by trainers or trainers.
This requires playing roles and taking into account the different views of the same person or other persons in a particular position at work, This type is effective but requires a long time of training.

Training characteristics

Target setting:
You must determine the training goal and skills that the trainee must master, At the beginning of the course, the coach must clarify the purpose of the course and the knowledge he must learn from it.
All students must participate in the course, i.e. through activities specified in the course (such as role-playing, games or activities), Because through the diversity of activities all students can participate, Whether it’s through individuals, groups or large group exercises.
Opportunities to share experiences:
The practice allows individuals to participate in the exchange of information and experiences through discussion, which not only helps to understand the new terms, But they can also use this information in their previous experience to expand their understanding of things and prove how authenticity is.
According to Robert Pike’s book, Learning is directly proportional to the amount of fun, Any gaining knowledge through play or designing attractive creative activities to make training more enjoyable.

Types of training

  • Induction training: Induction training is performed at the beginning of the job, Its purpose is to gain a general understanding of the nature of the job, Including daily work and required tasks.
  • Job training: The nature of this training is specific to the work that the employee must perform, It explains how to do the work and the work to be done, So are the methods used for this work.
  • Safety training: This training aims to ensure the safety of employees and reduce the rate of accidents that employees may experience during the work process, All safety instructions for the use of hazardous machinery and equipment are provided.
  • Vocational training: This training is suitable for artisans, technicians and plumbers, Etc. Workers acquire knowledge through learning and practice, This type of work and training takes some time to gain this knowledge.
  • Internships: This type of training is implemented through agreements between educational institutions and industrial institutions.
  • Students are trained through industrial colleges to gain practical knowledge, Agreements between job seekers and industrial colleges are usually implemented through offers.
  • Any pre-employment period in which staff performance is examined prior to formal employment is called the training period.
  • Refresher training: Also known as retraining, This training targets employees and aims to improve their abilities and acquire new skills because they are familiar with new methods and techniques that can improve the company’s performance, increase productivity and reduce daily stress.
  • Promotion training: This training is intended for employees who can be promoted, Its purpose is to introduce them to new sites, new businesses and responsibilities.
  • alifFor therapeutic training: This type of training aims to overcome shortcomings in the behavior or performance of employees, Staff usually face the difficulties of change, So this training is conducted to understand the necessary behaviors and better performance for change, Training is usually carried out. By a psychiatrist.
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    How do you differentiate between modern training and training?
What is the purpose and characteristics of training

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What is the purpose and characteristics of training

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