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What is the right concept for the training process

Some people define training as a series of actions and changes in personal abilities, skills, ideas and behaviors. Through comprehensive training, he is familiar with new tools, training methods and important ideas that can correct his life path in social or professional life and improve his work or other competitive life experiences.
    What is the right concept for the training process

What is the right concept for the training process

Training is those efforts aimed at providing individuals with information and methods which gives them the skills to deal with certain things, It is also a positive adjustment to certain things related to the behavior and abilities of the person, This helps it to be effective, faster and easier.

The importance of training

Training is of great importance in many diverse areas, particularly in business and services, And she explains.

The following points are the importance of training

  • Increased productivity: In order to keep up with the pace of competition in the market, It increases productivity and reduces production costs, Training therefore helps increase employee productivity. by providing them with the right skills.
  • Quality development: The role of training in stimulating continuous improvement of product quality by providing employees with appropriate training.
  • Promoting industrial safety: This is the contribution of training to the development of workers who deal with machines in a safer way. They can use equipment in the workplace, especially with regard to the safety of the working environment, which reduces their risk of accidents. The contribution to technological development must be considered, Any impact and impact of technical training, As an ongoing development process. by relying on many new means and methods.
  • Activating effective management roles: That is, to use training as an appropriate tool for oversight and planning;

Training objectives

Training is concerned with achieving a range of objectives, including:

  • Promote effective implementation of work and seek to bridge the gap between specific standards and the actual performance of staff.
  • Support communication between employees and their work by linking increased productivity to jobs.
  • Develop staff skills and support them to obtain appropriate promotion qualifications.

Types of training

Training types are mostly divided into two parts.

  • Personal or personal training: A person seeks to improve his or her abilities; developing mental abilities such as thinking and focusing, or improve school or university performance, or improve work efficiency, or physical health training; Belonging to a fitness club or vocational training centre.
  • Regular training: different from individual training, These exercises are usually conducted in groups or teams and have a high degree of competition, Like personal training, such as vocational training associated with the profession or profession that an individual seeks to learn; Cooking or fashion design.
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What is the right concept for the training process

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What is the right concept for the training process

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