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The wordpress training bag is one of the most important things in all areas of work because Microsoft Word is the most famous software, it is the word processor program and it is one of the programs available in the Office package provided by Microsoft, Word processor software allows users to create tables and correct language and grammar errors, Other features allow him the opportunity to create coordinated and printable documents with minimal time and effort.

We often need to write texts and documents, Whether in our field of work or in our own lives, Such as writing letters, reports, biographies, books and more. With the development of current technology and the increasing use of electronic devices, It’s important to use word processing apps where you can write and edit text that is easy, fast, coordinated, and elegant.

The characteristics of the program that we will address in the training bag in The Word

  1. Writing texts in multiple languages (Arabic and foreign).
  2. Spell and grammar check.
  3. Set up writing pages, Such as adjusting margins, paper direction, paper size, printing options, creating multiple pages, and reflecting margins.
  4. Implement patterns or formats on the document, Such as: Text alignment, And the size of the line, And the type of line, And the color of the text, And the color of the background, And so on.
  5. Insert: Photos, automatic shapes, graphics, illustrations, painted text, etc.
  6. Create and coordinate tables, sort data, and use some formulas and functions in those tables.
  7. Search and replace a specific text in documents in different languages.
  8. Protect the document by protecting it and save it with a password so that no user can open it.
  9. Save the document as a web page or save it as a template until you use it for multiple documents.
  10. Open a pre-saved document, And modify it, Then save it again with the same name or a different name.
  11. Preview the document before printing.
  12. Select document file attributes such as file name, date of creation, and date of adjustment.
  13. Enter the table of contents index and the illustration index.
  14. Managing and managing references.

We will address the most prominent ward secrets in this training bag in The Word:

Shift a line down by 12 points

Press Zero +CTRL

To select a sentence that ends with a point (not a paragraph)

Press the left mouse button + CTRL in the sentence you want to select.

To make decorative lines on the document

Press === then ENTER

Or — then ENTER

Or ### and click enter, Watch out for writing it three times.

To add a hyperlink inside your document

All you have to do is pull it from Explorer or even another Word file and select a hyperlink.

To insert a picture and then write an illustration of it

Insert a table with one column and two descriptions. Enter a picture in the top row, And then an address in the bottom row, And break the boundaries of the table.

To see all the styles:

Click the left mouse on the modes window. + Transformation

To repeat the process of what’s in WordPress

All you have to do is press F4 to re-format the last and apply it immediately.

New page


To increase the size of the line

Press the letter D + CTRL to minimize it click on the letter J + CTRL.

Select a certain part of the speech for a particular format

Press SHIFT with the mouse button to select left, right, top, or bottom.

To copy a format with the keyboard

Select the paragraph or word you want to copy the format with, If the text is Arabic with a letter C, Click on CTRL + SHIFT on the right, Then select the text you want to copy the format, Then click on CTRL + SHIFT and V character

From word oddities select box in text

If you have partial text in the middle of many texts. You need to determine how to square the text to copy, color it, or something. Use the following:

Holding the ALT key constantly while pulling the mouse will select a box.

Then you can handle the selected section.

To change the position of the list of words such as editing the list, for example

Press the ALT key and pull the menu buttons and toolbar where you want, But when you want to remove the menu or any button, Just drag it to the document window and when you want to refer to it, From custom select tools, Then the orders, Then the built-in menus, Then drag the menus you want and drop them in the right places on the toolbar.

to add spaces between the lines of one paragraph, Once and a half or twice:

With the required paragraph or paragraphs specified, Click on CTRL +2, The CTRL + 5, The CTRL + 1, Respectively.

To avoid font change problems when opening files on devices that don’t have lines embedded in your device:

– Run Word

From the “Tools” list, Choose “Options”

In the options window, Click on the “Save” function

In the upper left corner of the window, Under the option of saving the address, You’ll find a feature called Embed True Type Fonts

Mark in front of the previous job and click OK to confirm the option.

Solve the problem of printing unfinished frame on color printers:

Many people complained about the problem that when printing a page with a window, The bottom of the frame is not printed

This problem relates to color printers, Especially HP printers. To solve this problem, Do the following:

File -> page setting -> paper size select the character instead of A4 to make sure the frame is fully printed, Select print preview and see below the window.

To print on envelopes: –

Select the “File” menu – page setting – paper size tab – select the size of the desired envelope.

If you don’t find the same size, Choose the custom size and select the exact size if you want to.

This can be used with lecture cards.

Use beautiful Arabic symbols ready in Word, Like bismillah, Peace be upon him, Others:

After choosing the language, Select the AGA Arabesque line as English, Then select the letters:

Peace be upon him

• P = May God be pleased with him

• G = May God be pleased with them

• Shift with letter w = God

• Conversion by letter S or Q = Allahu Akbar

• Convert letters A or E = words of praise

• Shift with letters X or H = BSLA

The long known method (insert- code – then font type – can be used and then search for a code), But I find it faster if I get used to the old-fashioned way.

Translating Arabic words into English:

Place the cursor on the word (book) for example

Press Alt+ Shift + F7

You will see translation and nearby words…

If you refer to any word close to the specific word, The nearest translation will be placed.

The current dictionary is not that big. But it’s beautiful.

to create a table in Word in an easy way, Try writing the following:


And press enter button afterwards.

And see how the schedule is created.

And so can you write


And it has the same effect as before.

to delete columns, rows, or even entire tables, Not just content:

Select columns, rows, or tables to delete, click SHIFT and DELETE

Add time and date fields 16/4/2020 – 3:50:06 PM:

To insert alt+Shift+D history

To include timeAlt+Shift+T

These fields can be updated …

This time and date of your computer clock will give you whenever you open the document.

If the document has been opened for a long time and you want to update the information over the time period, You can press the F9 button after selecting the box for updating.

Ideas in underline:-

Individuals can underline sentences using Ctrl + U using the underline code, This method is known to all users, And this way lines between words. What many people don’t know is that words are placed in line underneath without spaces. You can do it. You can use the Ctrl Shift + W+ button if you want to put two lines down the sentence you can do this by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + D buttons

Increase the list of the latest files used:

To make it easier to find the last file opened in Word, The list (files) contains the four most recent files that have been used. For those who need more, You can increase the number of these files by following the following steps: Select the list of tools, Then the options, Then from the general tab, Change the number of files from 4 to 9 after using multiple files, We’ll find that file names have increased by another four. You’ll reach 9 files after a while. This method is necessary for those who open a lot of files intensively. This method will make it easier for you to find the last file.

All of these you’ll find in the training bag in the word.

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