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from keeping up with academics to finding accommodation, A medical student’s life can be very complex. But the good news is that whether it’s a medical search, or just tracking the huge amount of information that medical students are going through, There are a few websites that can help. it’s easy to overwhelm a lot of information about what medical students need to learn while they’re in school, These sites are therefore trying to ease the burden by designing ways to learn non-traditional information that busy students can access through medical courses.

Here are some of the best online resources we’ve collected for you:


Lecturio is a high-quality, affordable, adaptable and personal digital medical education resource. The platform is designed with the needs of learners and teachers in mind, Along with the latest learning techniques and comprehensive monitoring and evaluation capabilities.

Its mission is to provide students with the best learning tools, By learning science that has proven effective, and understand the challenges faced by all students as they strive to master the vast amount of basic science needed to be a good health care provider, Mastering these subjects is truly a global shortage of health-care professionals who need a paradigm shift in how medicine is taught.

The platform contains different subscription plans, Ranging from a 3-month subscription plan of about $33 per month to a 4-year subscription plan for $11 per month.

Medvarsity Online

It is the largest healthcare education technology company in Asia with the most trained and accredited medical professionals. Through partnerships with world-class universities, They are able to provide students with the best courses and faculty to help them achieve their educational goals. Medvarsity offers more than 150 medical courses, managing doctors, nurses and general administrative staff covering specialties such as diabetes, emergency medicine, cardiology, nutrition, health, health care information, mental health and more, They are all up-to-date. Clinical courses are specifically designed for doctors by doctors. Non-clinical courses designed by industry experts from the best universities such as AMITY and Cornell University. With more than 15,000 active learners on the platform, The courses are accredited by leading partners around the world. The hybrid training solution combines the advantages of traditional e-learning, live virtual courses, clinical learning and mobile learning models to deliver courses that impress your students. Fees vary from about $115 to $2,700 depending on the program and the type of program you choose.


Founded by British doctors, Medistudents offers educational resources, articles, news reports, PDF downloads and photos. Most courses are practical in nature and will be conducted for actors or exhibitors. Each course is handwritten and corrected by a medical professional and features exclusive photography. Discount different models for the preparation of structured objective clinical examination (OSCE). Topics covered by the portal include cardiovascular medicine, psychiatry, neurology, etc. Monthly subscriptions are available, Ranging from $1 to $20.

Doctor’s online course in Oxford Medicine

Oxford Medicine’s online doctor’s course gives you the opportunity to study anytime, anywhere. Each cycle has an interactive standard form. therefore If you prefer, You can schedule your development in short breaks throughout the day, Or complete the entire program in one attractive program. You can choose to prepare for interviews, teach teachers, communicate teamwork, leadership and management skills. All courses are CPD certified and when you finish you will receive a certificate. Online career development packages are a great cost-saving option if you want to study multiple topics. Course fees range from $47 to $530.

Alison’s Health Care Courses

With Allison’s free online medical courses, You’ll always be on track. Offers courses on HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness, The role of nutrition and diet in maintaining good health and promoting health, Nursing research focuses on patient care and hygiene. The health problems of globalization have continued to have a negative impact on millions of people around the world. If you want to play your part in alleviating this persistent problem, Health care training is the way to go. Health care is a very rewarding profession that requires continuing education.

New Skills Academy

The platform offers comprehensive, high-quality and affordable online training courses. There are many schools online, But at the New Skills Academy, Your long-term goals are achieved. With fast and effective internet support is what you need to realize your dreams. Professionally designed courses, detailed lesson plans and student certificates prove that only the best is available to students.

Class Central

ClassCentral is not exactly an academic provider, But it sponsors a huge catalogue of hundreds of online course platforms. The site also provides insightful reviews from learners who have passed the courses offered to help you choose an online course that suits your educational needs.

Study health and medicine through free online courses and MOOCs from the University of Tasmania, And wageningen University, And the University of Cape Town, And the University of Newcastle, And the University of Sheffield, The University of Liverpool and other best universities in the world.

Harvard Health and Medicine Online Course

Harvard University offers more than 882 training courses to nearly 6,000,000 learners in 193 countries, Including specialized courses in medicine and health, Such as nutrition medicine, neurology, blood pressure, community medicine, biochemistry, addiction treatment, etc. In addition to paid courses, You can also find many free courses.


edX collaborates with universities and non-academic institutions to provide you with self-courses, From medicine to statistical analysis of medical data, Find online courses covering a wide range of medical topics. You can enroll in free courses at the best universities on topics such as anatomy, physiology and statistical analysis.

The subscription fee for this platform depends on the path of your choice, They usually range from $50 to $300, With the cost of upgrading or enrolling in vocational education courses the only fee on edX. There is no additional fee for edX courses.


As a paid platform, Each course is taught at Coursera by the best lecturers from world-class universities and companies, This lets you learn new things anytime, anywhere. Hundreds of free courses give you access to video on-demand lectures, homework exercises and community discussion forums. Provide paid courses with exams, additional projects and a certificate of participation at completion. It offers courses on various medical topics such as anatomy, emergency medicine, biomarkers, skin diseases and more.

The fees on the platform depend on what you choose, From $29 to $99 for 4-6 weeks for one session (some free courses are available), from $39 to $79 per month for a 4-6-month professional course, And an online class set from 1-3 years from $15 to $25,000.


Since its founding in 2012, FutureLearn has partnered with the best universities and professional institutions to offer a wide range of lesson plans to more than 7 million users. Want to promote patient care or uncover the major health care issues of our time? From Parkinson’s disease to obesity and nutrition, Nursing courses that provide online healthcare will give you vital skills, research and training to develop your career.

In general, Most FutureLearn courses are free to join and study. You can join when you see the “Join for free” button, Some FutureLearn courses are only available on a paid basis. If you want to, You can upgrade your course for additional benefits, like the ability to get a certificate.


The world’s leading learning and education market. Udemy is an online learning platform with more than 130,000 video courses taught by expert trainers. By connecting students around the world with the best mentors, Udemy helps individuals achieve their goals and dreams. This platform offers you many medical courses including emergency medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, respiratory medicine, medical terminology learning and more.

You can find many free courses, The rest starts at $10 for new users, The most expensive course at Udemy is currently $199.99, You can often find coupons online to save up to 90%.


As a global video sharing platform, Perhaps not surprisingly, YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world for most users, Include videos in anything imaginable. The platform provides you with huge videos and medical courses in various fields through professional channels.

10 free online medical courses will help you greatly in this field:

1- The first course of training courses in the field of medicine is offered in psychiatry.

This is one of the most important training courses in the field of psychiatry on the Internet and Dr. Ibrahim Hassan Al-Khudhair, consultant psychiatrist at Prince Sultan Medical City, offers a hearty meal to all psychiatric enthusiasts.

The course consists of 8 lectures that begin with the division of mental disorders and then deal with the most important mental disorders and their causes, symptoms, results and treatment.

Doctors also deal with addiction treatment and the most important general psychiatric medications as well as distinguish between psychotropic drugs and narcotic drugs.

2- The second course of training courses in the field of medicine first aid.

These medical courses are essential for everyone, Whether they are associated with the practice of medicine or not. In this course, The Egyptian Doctor Ahmed Ramzi presents us, Professor of Microbiology at ain Shams University School of Medicine, The most basic principles of first aid and how to save a person’s life before the arrival of the ambulance.

3- The third course of training courses in the field of AIDS medicine.

The world has been known for this terrible disease since 1981, No vaccine or effective treatment has been discovered since then. Statistics show that more than 42 million people worldwide are infected with AIDS.

4- The fourth course of training courses in the field of alcohol medicine and its effects on health

A lot of people enjoy alcoholic beverages, Although her addiction can lead to serious health problems, This course focuses on the devastating effects of alcohol on the mental and physical state of the human being.

5- The fifth course of training courses in the field of medicine hypertension.

Who hasn’t met someone with high blood pressure in their life? There have been many studies on this subject, And the reason for that, And how to correct blood pressure and bring it back to normal. This course covers everything you need to know about high blood pressure.

6- The sixth course of training courses in the field of stem cell medicine from the basic principles to therapeutic applications.

Stem cells are one of the most exciting and discussed topics in the medical field. In this course, Dr. Gumkin Hassan introduces us, Expert in biotechnology and molecular biology at Damascus University, On many basic concepts and principles related to stem cells and their medical applications.

7- The seventh course of training courses in medicine physiology: Circulation in the human body.

Heart: muscles that carry the pulse of life to the body, Blood is constantly pumped throughout life.

In this course, we will learn about this muscle and the most important concepts related to the heart and circulation of humans.

8- The eighth course of training courses in medicine hepatitis C (HCV).

Hepatitis C is spreading throughout the Arab world, Especially in Egypt, It has the largest number of people living with the disease in the world.

9- The ninth course of training courses in the field of medicine complications of diabetic foot – definition and methods of evaluation, prevention and treatment.

Diabetes continues to spread around the world epidemically, With the risk of many complications of blood vessels, heart, kidneys and eyes, The mortality rate for diabetics is twice that of those who do not.

10. 10th Ebola medical training courses: An epidemic is evolving.

In 2014, Time magazine has ranked the world fighting Ebola as the person of the year for the tremendous service they have given humanity in the fight against a disease that is invading the world.

10 of the best medical courses 3 10 of the best medical courses

These are 10 medical courses, I have tried to ensure the most prominent scientific topics that dominate world medical opinion.

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