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11 Most Important Positives for E-Training

Is to use the Internet for the purpose of delivering data and training trainees, and that method allows the use of the training process as quickly and at the smallest price, and does not require the presence of trainers and trainees in the same space, It is a non-traditional training system that enables the student to achieve education and benefit from the training process in all its aspects without moving to the school education site. It is “knowledge when and wherever” i find the need for it.
    11 Most Important Positives for E-Training

11 Most Important Positives for E-Training

E-training is an active training pattern, The interaction between the trainer and the trainees is the interaction between the trainees and each other.

Activities and means of e-training

E-training ends through many activities that can be divided into:

Synchronous activities: These initiatives take place at the same time and trained and interact immediately despite their presence in different headquarters, and represent these activities:
Virtual Class Room, VCR:

  • The immediate interaction between the trainer and the trainees by voice and image.
  • The trainer controls the training process.
  • Exchange documents, audio and video files.
  • View videos , flashes and port point
  • Exchange screens.
  • Whiteboard.
  • Online conference.
  • Chat Rooms.
Asynchronous initiatives: These initiatives are taking place in different times and places.
Examples of these activities include:
  • The training material that is uploaded to the internet server and the interaction takes place with it through trainees from any headquarters and at any time.
  • Interactive, imaginative, asynchronous efforts, including the fields of conversation, readiness, blogs, wikis, and interactive dictionaries. Etc.
  • Online tutor, which represents the role of mentor and mentor and supports interaction between trainees.

Pros of e-training :

1. Freedom from the constraints of space and time:

The training process It can happen any time the trainees stay. So using educational methods Assorted such as printed material, audio tapes and tapes Video section and email telephone , computer, audio and video conferences and other That’s instead of relying on The origin of an individual is the same. The situation in Traditional training.

2.Shorten training time:

The time saving is estimated to be between 20% and 80%, which is explained by the fact that the trainee controls the flow of the material as he can pass the unnecessary parts and focus on the sections he needs.

3. Taking into account individual differences

Pay attention to individual differences between learners and allow the student to take self-action, as it allows him to choose training courses related to his work, interests or age conditions.

4. Introducing technologies

Internet technologies provide both parallel education equipment and unconstruent teaching tools in the training program. Asynchronous e-mail and dialogue spaces allow trainees to manage their time well, while simultaneously, such as gossip rooms and audio and video conferences, give a sense of live contribution, maintain the trainee’s vigilance and train him to meet appointments and participate directly.

5. Gives a chance to experience and error

One of the advantages of e-training is that it is done in isolation so that trainees are given the opportunity to try and error in weather conditions without any embarrassment.

6. Providing teaching methods

Saving different methods and educational media for these used in traditional training companies.

7. Trainees avoid feeling ashamed

E-training helps transport the atmosphere and climate from within the walls of the training institution to the home, avoiding the trainees feeling ashamed when asking their questions or expressing their opinions.

8. Adapting to the self-potential of the individual

Modifying people’s self-abilities to adapt to changes in the environment of education and continuous exercise that enhance the personal potential of personalities to adapt to news through training and rehabilitation to meet the requirements of the labor market.

9. Raising the employee’s competence

Raise the efficiency of an employee who cannot study full-time while on the job.

10. Saving time for women

Providing and making women available to expand their orbits and develop their skills in recognition of their housing and mobility conditions.

11. Easy access to the trainee

Easy puberty to the trainee even outside the original training times.

The disadvantages of electronic training

There is no doubt that any system is not without negatives, and one of the drawbacks of that system is the following:

  • The lack of positive participation of the trainee in the circulation of views and perspectives with the trainer on the one hand and with the group of trainees on the other.
  • The difficulty felt by some trainees when yearning for direct communication with trainers, and the process of communication and communication seems when trainers determine the duties and tasks of the trainees.
  • The difficulty some trainers face in communicating their ideas in the e-course.
  • In addition, the trainer will not be able to follow the active, sleeping, stray, upset, depressed or weary student.

Thus , electronic training defeats the trainee and the trainer of the social link between them.

  • Fading and weakening the role of the trainer (human) as an important educational and educational influence.
  • The frequent use of technology at home and in life can lead to the learner or trainee getting bored of these media and not being serious about dealing with them.
  • Not to take advantage of the sustenance due to the difficulty of retrieving lessons with trainees to know the field of absorption, due to the difficulty and scarcity of direct contact between the trainer and the trainee.

The difference between distance education and training

11 Most Important Positives for E-Training

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