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11 quality standards in training packages

What are the quality standards for training packages necessary to prepare a successful training package? What are the standards that guarantee the quality of the course? What mistakes do coaches make in preparing the training package ? How do we make the training bag good and coordinated?

All these questions and more. We answer them in this thread.

In order to get the best training bags , It is necessary to pay attention to a number of important matters, Either formal or in substance.

11 quality standards in training packages

The 11 quality standards in training packages can be summarized in the following points:

1- Outer cover:

It is the first thing that meets you in any training bag and bears the title of the training course. and the name of the coach, And the history of the training bag and it must be designed professionally and distinctly, Since it gives an impression of the information you are carrying.

2- Training objectives:

It comes right after the title page. In which he writes the main objectives of the course, And the skills that the trainee will acquire after attending the training course, and how to apply practical applications, And a summary of the course.

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3- Description and definition of the trainer:

It is an important description that defines the trainer and his experience. It is placed either at the beginning or at the end of the training bag , and must be formulated precisely and tightly.

4- List of references:

In it, scientific references to the subject of training are clarified. Be it books, magazines, or the Internet. It also shows the general atmosphere of training, of projectors, and educational films, and applied activities. And the games…

5- Training plan:

It means the detailed schedule shown for all parts of the training course. Specifying the duration, date, unit name and place of holding the course. Noting the number of sessions, The skills and objectives of each session separately.

6- Divide the content of the training program :

The contents of the bag are divided into basic units, and other sub, Including, in the end, a set of axes on which the sessions are based after that.

7- Contents of the training bags:

It is a part that is prepared according to the previous axes, the number of sessions prepared, or according to the training days. He separates the parts with something clear and specific, and also writes a summary that clarifies the totality of what was said in it.

11 quality standards in training packages 1 11 quality standards in training packages

8- Scientific theories and cognitive skills:

It is a part that contains the scientific theories and the cognitive skills necessary for the success of the training package. The trainer checks their validity and up-to-dateness in each new session. It is preferable to present the data here through the use of tables, graphs, illustrations and knowledge maps.

9. Practical applications:

It is an embodiment and representation of the work. And the training bag contains practical applications. So that each application is on a separate page, with an explanation of the application’s objectives, method, and the skill acquired from it, and the applications can be collected together in a special appendix at the end of the bag.

10 Evaluation and its metrics:

The training package includes an assessment that includes:

Assessment of the management of the training process as a whole, the trainer’s skills and experience, the quality of the training package, the suitability of the place of the course, the nature of attendance and the training time and duration. The evaluations can be included together in a special file at the end of the bag.

11- Design and artistic direction of the bag:

It is an important component; The bag must be designed in a distinct artistic and professional way, starting with the size of the paper, the type of font and its size. In addition to the use of graphics, shapes, mental and cognitive maps, and everything that makes the bag distinctive, attractive and coordinated.

All the previous points represent broad lines to ensure quality standards within the training package .
To serve the trainer, the trainee, the training process and the training course as a whole.

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11 quality standards in training packages
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