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There are many steps in preparing the training bag, A successful training package requires a well-organized and well-planned effort so that the designer of the training package, After preparing the scientific materials and topics submitted, from developing an actual operational plan. The training process and its clear implementation of the procedural steps required for the process.

The steps are based on scientific evidence, taking into account the training objectives to be achieved through the implementation of the bag, and its preparation depends on the training skills, knowledge, methods and methods established.

Identification of the training bag:

The training bag is a training content that belongs to one of the different fields, Designed by experts, or used by professional trainers who pursue certain goals, The training package is one of the most important training tools.

How to prepare training bags:

Depending on the area in which the training package belongs, The task of designing or training the target entity in the training bag is a difficult task that requires a specialized preparation or designer.

therefore Designers or trainers must have practical qualifications to perform their duties. They have practical experience and skills in the field to which the bag belongs. This is because the trainer should be able to explain and teach the subject in the course in the best possible way.

The experience of training over a long period of time is one of the most important factors that positively affect the scientific material in the bag to be presented in an orderly manner, This helps the trainee get theoretical information and cognitive training quickly and easily. .

12 steps to prepare the training bag and 13 steps before starting 1 12 steps to prepare the training bag and 13 steps before starting

The most important steps to prepare the training bag:

The training package designer must follow several steps to prepare a training package so that the package results are as expected and achieve all their main or sub-objectives:

  1. Identify the categories of learners targeted by the training process.
  2. Select the tasks that the training target group must perform.
  3. Identify trends, skills and knowledge that allow the target training group to perform all their tasks.
  4. Develop all the main or sub-objectives of the training package.
  5. Identify key and sub-topics to include in the content of portfolio training.
  6. Arrange and categorize training content.
  7. Prepare plans for training sessions.
  8. Preparing and designing training materials.
  9. Take all the steps to prepare for the training bag.
  10. Field test of what the training content contains.
  11. Based on the results of the field test, Some parts of the training content must be adjusted as necessary.
  12. In the last step of preparing the training bag, The training package is created in its final form and issued for trading.

What should the designer do before starting to design the bag?

12 steps to prepare the training bag and 13 steps before starting 2 12 steps to prepare the training bag and 13 steps before starting

In the step of preparing the training bag, Those who design the training bag must go through several steps to determine some of the data required in the package design process, Most notably:

  1. Use the question sheet with the following tools: (From, where, when, why, What?
  2. Analysis of actual assumptions or needs in the training process.
  3. Before you start the steps to prepare your training bag, Make a simple plan to organize your business.
  4. Review various potential training ideas and methods.
  5. Look at the bag’s training tools, how they are prepared and how they are identified.
  6. Select the type of training package you’re designed for based on your goals and goals.
  7. Identify the topics covered by the training bag and identify the target elements of the training package based on training needs.
  8. Select the target group in the training bag and select the group’s previous experience.
  9. How long is the training process using the training bag?
  10. What training methods are used in the bag?
  11. What training tools do I need to include in the training bag?
  12. What design patterns should I follow to design bags?
  13. What criteria should be observed when designing?
12 steps to prepare the training bag and 13 steps before starting 3 12 steps to prepare the training bag and 13 steps before starting

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