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13 professional criteria for choosing an effective coach

Prepare the coach one of  The important training triangle sides, which constitute a vital pillar for the success of the training process, But  He can say that the coach  is the pillar the most important Lost can  To make the training process a successful one, even if it is not a training package also  or not Environment  practice help  for him. And from that  The premise is that we present here to the dear reader the most important thing metrics  Which watching  Association Saudi Arabia  For management it can use it  to evaluate the coach  And to make sure get ready And he could  to do an operation training  Administrative on the face proper .
    13 professional criteria for choosing an effective coach

13 professional criteria for choosing an effective coach

Standards  evaluation  Coach :

There is a lot of Standards  Coach’s evaluation but  It can rely on metrics set out below  which were collected and categorized in light of what reached  mechanism copious amount of  parties the intended rated  Coaches and their accreditation.

1. Qualifications:

as  The coaches are different in their qualifications Important pursue that  in consedration I have sight  in qualification the coachand there  Three qualifications mostly  no get up  Eligible the coach  About her: Bachelors and masters and Ph.D. It was taken into account in a questionnaire Appreciation that  the difference so  The qualification was given 21 marks distributed among the three qualifications. for all  Seven degree qualification.

2. Cycles  Training  coaches:

no Prepare  Qualification is the indicator the only one  for the trainer’s level, Therefore and have  Were taken training  Which earn it the coach  in consideration, especially Training  coaches so amount So  pointer ten degrees, by two degrees for all Training course  A maximum of five training courses in area Training  coaches and more about that  be add is not effective abundantly .

3. Training experience:

considered as  Training experience part Important  from metrics  Judging Possibilities coachso  he is from the obvious  that it when rose  expertise the coach when change for the better an average  his training performance, Therefore Lost  is selected ten  Experience grades the coach  by one degree for all  year of experience in training  up to ten years , after the tenth year Prepare  Addition does not make a big difference wide coachexcept if  maybe style This blocking As a result of the progress in the age  who accompanies the length Stage  Experience.

4.  The appearance  Personal trainer:

no doubt  that external body the coach  And taking care of his personality is an important indicator of his personality valuation the coach  Therefore because count lesson  for trainees, except if  And because Research  Scientific proved that external body  personal trainer leaves an impression  positively or negatively on Domain satisfied  Trainees for his guidance and advice and take it. And so Lost  gave that  The index has five degrees that can be distributed according to level external body the coach  sippy and who differently  between Excellent , very good, good, acceptable, unacceptableAnd so  by degree for every Modified .

5.  Preparation  and get ready  For training :

Come Preparation  and get ready for training  As a benchmark for performance, so  reflected getting ready  And get ready to perform significantly . Ten marks were given to preparation and preparation for example getting ready  And get ready and who contrast  between amazing , very good, good, acceptable, and change formatted  by two degrees for all Modified .

13 professional criteria for choosing an effective coach

6.  the performance  Training:

make up performance  training more important clues Appreciation the coach  Therefore and have tender  44 degrees divided
between  periods  performance  heterochromatic  according to  its importance and focus,
 and this is  as follows :

embody  Applying for a training session is the first stage of the process To implement trainingso Complete  In which Preparation  Psychologically trained to receive training by a group of procedures set out below , therefore and have  granted That  The stage is eight degrees by two degrees for all behavior use it the coachAnd that Actions  she As follows :
call up  alert
link to what  already
Clarification  Training Outputs
Clarification  Training session structure

It is logical that the casting is the second extended performance so  start Sports Director  In delivering his scientific material by a group of practices  the operation. has been given That Period  eight degrees, by two degrees for all behavior use it the coachAnd that procedures  she as follows :
the explanation
Examples used

it is certainly that the coach  not him Origin solo  to learn and that tender  trainees probability  to learn from each other limited number of incarnation one of Highlight  aspects performance  training With outstanding specifications . Therefore and have  operation was given facilitation  Group learning eight degrees distributed over a group of Business  Which cooperation  at This  Which As follows :
Breaking barriers/melting snow
Encouraging openness
incentivize  Contribute  With experience and expertise,  suggestions
to encourage  Participants  to ask questions

training  Two-way operation so inevitable  The interaction between the coach  and apprentices, Therefore Lost  We were keen on that The lesson  to evaluate Technical Director  to give food  reverse during training  eight point  as from the reasons the window  at performance the coach . it’s done to divide That  The eight degrees on the a group of Business  by two degrees for all  measure use it the coach throughout  training process. And this procedures  she as follows :
Receive feedback from others
Giving feedback to the participants
neutrality  I have  food  reverse
replies  Actions  towards  Participants  the hard ones

should  that not enough Technical Director  close the scientific article, but above it  To make sure that it is understood by the trainees And so by reconsidering  Which Talk  Linking and summarizing. has been given That Period  Six degrees in Appreciation the coach  evenly distributed among Business  The three that can use Through reconsiderAnd that procedures  she as follows :
Connecting the session  and goals  session
abbreviation  most important  Point of views
Link to future topics

and embody This is amazing Period new extended performance  training so pridect  from the coach  To conclude the training session with some procedures  training that makes training  more effective. has set for that Duration  Six trays are evenly distributed among three procedures.

 And that  Business  she  As follows :

7. Diversity in  means  training used

count Use means  training Miscellaneous Of the most The things  training that require  to take care of her the coach  Which must be included in any Appreciation  to perform coach , the the coach  to make sure of use it  for lectures, role play, case studies, films, Exercises, questionnaires, etc. And for the importance of Use roads  training Miscellaneous  whether Referred to  or other and have  I was given ten marks finish  distributed according to  Number of methods he used the coach  and its diversification in This .

8. Interaction  Good and motivating trainees:

that errand the coach  Not limited to the presentation, explanation and use of scientific material roads different  at That , but it goes beyond Job Sports Director This  To interact with the trainees and give them Attention necessary , informing them of the importance of their experiences and opinions, and discussing your problems according to  What cross out shoot it above it  Of which. has been given that oriented  ten degrees according to an average  interaction.

9.  control  The course of the training process:

Until He can the coach  Conducting the training session as adaptive  it inevitable  to be able to driving  training process by appearance adaptive  in which can subjugation  The course of the training process especially Environmental conditions  hall interior, And so  from so prohibition  provinces in a way adapt And also prohibition go outside  on command  And keep the trainees from getting preoccupied with side things. Ten degrees have been set So  element from vehicles appreciation .

10body  eternity  effectively:

if not Can the coach  from body  The time of the training session effectively, he will have to shorten Few the time private  for later topics, And so  may be leaves its mark on  effectiveness training  and achieve its goals in balance. and construction  on what in the past  it is from Important  that pledge the coach  studying and segmentation  Balanced training session time suitable Which  achieves efficacy hopefully . has been given that  Element ten degrees in lesson Appreciation Assumption .

11.  Use  language  the body  (the movement)  in the form of  Suitable :

Although different cultures about use the body I have conversationbut  In the Arab culture we find a language the body incarnation one of  Effects Which plays a major role in communicating the training message.

that use the coach  for movement the body  he is one of  Theoretical influences on efficacy exercise , so the above it Familiarity  By the importance of his bodily movements, both This is amazing associated  hand gestures, or face, or the body  full of so  Curvatures and straightness. as  that’s it to divide  His look among the apprentices to State of the Republic of Yemen  sometimes to left  other times without Communicates  at dialogue  to me hand specific for how much  longer Which should  in which feel  others that Technical Director  have neglected them.

has Eye So  worker from Reasons Appreciation  ten degrees according to  efficacy in use  language the body . has Eye So  element from Ingredients Appreciation  ten degrees depend on an average  effectiveness Sports Director  at use  language the body .

12. Correct spelling ( use of  sound and plain language):

represent  Language integrity and eloquence Of the most  influences on the training process. Therefore, consideration  The correctness of the casting – represented by Use  Sound language that is easy to understand and expresses would like the coach in a manner suitable – may appearance one of metrics Appreciation the coach . has dedicate  She has ten degrees depend on  The integrity of the language, ease of understanding and expressing what is intended.

13.  distribution  Posts and give  the opportunity  for every  Participants :

If we consider interaction with Subscribers spent substantial  for the coach, It doesn’t stop I have that completely, but beyond it to fairness  at to divide  Posts and attention to the participants so that all including  on possibility To contribute , and some of them do not possess Conversation  and on time the coach

And so  so justice  and fairness in fragmentation  Posts and opportunities count  from the reasons the errand I have valuation Technical Director  has dedicate  He has ten degrees depend on an average ability the coach  on find  justice in that oriented .

13 professional criteria for choosing an effective coach
    13 professional criteria for choosing an effective coach

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13 professional criteria for choosing an effective coach

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