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Training is not just information that is passed on to people, Because this information has ways to get out, Evaluation, presentation, organization and control methods. Some conditions for successful training so there are some qualities that a successful coach should have.

Some people have many qualities that make them successful in their field. So a coach or anyone with a functional background needs a set of qualities, such as teaching or training human development, to help him perform his duties in the best possible way.

A successful trainer is the one who helps customers find answers themselves through continuous collaboration. Its primary responsibility is to develop customers’ understanding of how to achieve their goals. Helps trainers achieve professional or personal goals. Traditionally Industry representatives should not influence the customer’s decision-making process. Its mission is to organize the process so that the person himself achieves the desired goal.

Due to the development of training methods with the development of human civilization, In addition to the tremendous development in science and technology, Successful trainers need to be familiar with different training methods and be able to choose the right way to achieve the objectives of the training process.

There are many criteria that are taken into account to measure the success of the coach’s management training, The more the coach adheres to these standards, the more The trainee benefited more from his different styles, and individual differences, And even training goals.

Trainers are responsible for future performance and organization growth. therefore They must improve the areas that are more difficult for them. Make no mistake, There is no one-size-fits-all formula to make the coach a good coach. But still, There are some qualities and behaviors that a good coach should have when teaching him what training.

The top 20 attributes must be available in a successful coach:

1. Work in light of overall goals and objectives

2. To have a wide and specialized knowledge

3. Respects the training profession and trainees

4. Intellectual humility

5. It distinguishes well between adult training and children’s education

6. Much feared for his training reputation

7. Trained in limited specialized fields.

8. The desire to be the biggest beneficiary of the training program.

9. Accurate in writing it and in what it presents.

10. My subject is impartial.

11. A courteous and influential and convincing speaker

12. Able to communicate with different types of students.

13. He added his thoughts, impressions and conclusions to the training materials, In doing so, the training has been given its own character.

14. Logical with thinking skills

15. High ability to dialogue

16. The ability to manage personnel, training and classroom affairs in general and deal with the various circumstances that he may go through wisely

17. Interested in the overall appearance.

18. Training environment is organized, tidy and properly equipped

19. Various presentations of training materials and various training methods.

20. His proposal balances the ratio of skills, knowledge and attitude ratio.

A successful coach must deal with logistics, like those related to the preparation of the training room, or the failure of one of the equipment he uses, Or even book the hall, and get the materials he needs, And many more. Although others are responsible for similar problems, However, A successful coach must be able to take charge of these situations and address his problems.

The successful coach is characterized by a sincere observation of the student’s performance, This does not necessarily mean that it is rude or cruel, And he doesn’t exaggerate, Rather, he criticizes directly and honestly so that there is transparency between him and an intern so that the trainee can focus on his weaknesses and identify them through which he can overcome these weaknesses, He can also help by giving the trainee the advice he needs to overcome weaknesses.

We find that the training process is not just about providing and interpreting training materials, But it is a skill that includes many personal and technical sub-skills. So, If you want to be a successful coach, You should start developing the above features, And practice it, And apply them over and over again in the field to strengthen them.

In conclusion, We emphasize that training is an essential part of any company. Becoming a coach is not easy. The trainer must balance the amount of information he provides with the participant’s interaction with it.

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