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Definition of guidance and guidance:

Guidance and guidance are defined as a planned and structured process aimed at helping the student understand himself, understand his abilities, develop his potential and solve his problems in order to achieve his psychological, social, educational and professional compatibility and achieve his goals. within the framework of his Islamic religious teachings. Guidance and guidance are two aspects of the work complementing each other and another, But there are some differences that are best referred to here.

Guidance: Guidance is a wide and comprehensive range of planning services that include the routing process. The guidance focuses on providing the student with a variety of appropriate information, And develop the student’s sense of responsibility, and help him understand himself, and determine his abilities, And to face his problems, and make his decisions. And provide services guide students in a variety of ways, Including seminars, lectures, conferences, advertisements, newspapers, paintings, films, school programs and more.

Guidance: 5. The directive, It refers to the procedural and practical aspects of the area of guidance and consultation. Is the interactive process that arises from a constructive professional relationship: A mentor (expert) and mentor (student) through which the teacher helps the student to understand himself, his abilities and abilities, and gain insight into his problems, and confront them, And develop his behavior. Be active and achieve its own compatibility with the environment to achieve an appropriate level of mental health, Based on the experience and skills of the mentoring process.

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General objectives of guidance and guidance

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Guidance and guidance and its role in education

Educational guidance and guidance: Educational guidance and guidance is an organized and planned humanitarian process that involves guiding students through development, preventive and therapeutic programs to help them choose appropriate studies, register, pursue their studies and overcome difficulties. They face problems to achieve compatibility and productivity.

The question of achieving educational guidance is:

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