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What is the art of throwing

The art of using words is defined as a speaking or writing method that depends on a good choice of words, [1] It makes it clear that words are the basis of language, So the word selection process is an important part of the language. Effective communication, So it’s important to choose words carefully and know when to pronounce them, The correct choice of words and wording helps the author create good communication.

The art of throwing is a process in which a conversation is held between two or more people, There are several types of this art, including individual throwing, which is the meeting between only two people, including the mass meeting that can take place between a small group of people, which consists of giving lessons in schools, mosques and universities, including throwing between a large group of people, This includes public lectures and speeches in mosques.

Informal dumping

21st Century Throwing Art Training Course 1 21st Century Throwing Art Training Course

Official speeches are words and phrases that an individual chooses when speaking or writing, Informal speeches are daily speeches, such as talking to family or friends while writing a personal message or email, But also in novels that show characters who speak this language a spoken language or a particular dialect.

Good throwing.

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Good spelling depends on the good choice of words and the ability to use them in a variety of ways, Because a good reading process is an essential part of good writing, Regardless of the type of writing, Dictation is the only way to develop style and tone, The only thing to notice is repetition, A good way is to change words, make sure you don’t repeat it until you feel more fun and excited. [4]

Preparing for the speech

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Knowing what speech to deliver is just as important as the topic the speech will talk about.Because it is necessary to choose the appropriate way of speaking that suits the personality of the speaker, so he may need note cards to see from them to help him remember, or rely on the preservation and recitation of the speech, knowing that it is not necessary to memorize the speech is read out, but in order to do so, it is better to write the letter several times to remember the information. It is also recommended to divide the letter into small parts so you can remember it, as well as the difficulty of remembering the entire letter.

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