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3 steps to design your training program

Determine the training need Prepare a training program that satisfies that need , and the training program strategy includes ample topics
During that period , training topics, training methods , and training tools are determined.
    3 steps to design your training program

3 steps to design your training program

Finally, identifying the trainers, so what we will learn above , dear reader , in that article :

1. Develop the contents of the training measure ( training topics).

2. Training methods .

3. Identify the trainers.

First , setting the contents of the training plan ( training topics):

Knowing the training topics by discovering the need for training , identifying the training needs, and the main training matters can be divided into sub-topics, And if things are determined, it is necessary to determine the degree of bottom required for eating these things , and this depends on the scope of the trainees and the objectives of the training program.

Then a table is prepared for these topics that will be included in the training program, so that these topics are positioned in a way that ends each other or builds the next topic on the previous topic ).

The exercise outline syllabus includes a detailed explanation of the purposes of the training program, the necessary titles for the school ‘s teaching and research sessions, The basic components of every seminar, The dates and times of those episodes, and names of coaches for each episode, It is clear from that that the curriculum sets the procedural format necessary for the training plan.

As for the contents of the training plan , it means the balance on the front side of the trainers, so it is in the model of a guide for trainers that contains lessons and readings, and that directory is used as a reference for trainees to recall and review the scientific material of the training program), so an example of the content of the training program.

Program name Introducing new production workers to work

Day One Opening and Overview:
1. Welcome. 2. The company ‘s philosophy in personnel affairs. 3. Company history and processing .
Second day wages and working hours:
1. Benefits, deductions and incentives. 2. Hours of work and hours of sleep . 3. Holidays and employee benefits.
Third day of work :
1. A field visit to the issuance departments. 2. Safety and industrial security. 3. Work injuries and social insurance.
Fourth day closing :
1. Promotions and career prospects for employees. 2. Dealing with colleagues, subordinates and superiors . 3. A summary of the above . 4. Questions and answers and a test. 5. Closing ceremony.

Second, training methods :

There are many training methods that are used to clarify the topics of the training program. Which aims to provide the trainee with the skills, knowledge, experience and capabilities he needs . Which participates in updating the rate of his performance of his work, We will present these methods as follows :

1. Training during the effort :

This training method is widespread in industrial organizations in particular , and in particular in industrial activities that can be familiarized with and grasped in a relatively short period. This method is mainly directed to training employees on the proper and proper way of performing their work.

Then the coach Showing the correct way of performing in the face of the trainee who performs By performing the effort according to the way he learned it and repeating it until he mastered it. This training takes place in Work place all the time The main, documented and official effort is under the control of his direct superior, whose relationship with his subordinates is training link , Then there is the possibility for the trainee to learn By imitating the coach and gaining experience from him.

2. Training in specialized training centers:

According to this training method , complete training in Conditions matching conditions Effort within O centers training rooms A specialist affiliated with the organization or affiliated with professional associations specific , and be These training centers are usually equipped with machines, equipment and devices matching to A formidable barrier to these being used in place of effort ; what Permits to train in quick compatibility with Real work atmosphere .

3. Job rotation:

According to that training method, the person’s registration with a number of various jobs in the organization is canceled for temporary periods to be aware of the aspects of its activity, and this method and method provides the possibility of increasing the general capabilities of the trainee employee and his knowledge of other related work and related to his original work.

This training method provides a greater degree of flexibility in moving the employee to various headquarters and locations, and thus it can be benefited from, especially when encountering the problem of stress in one of the departments, or when cases of non-attendance or resignations occur, or the like.

4. Brainstorming:

This method depends on the trainer stating a specific problem and asking the learners to present their opinions actively and without hesitation in thinking. This method is adopted so that the immediate presentation of ideas and points of view can free learners from inertia and encourage them to contribute .

Just as the barrage of intense opinions is enough to cover the aspects of the issue or the problem raised by the trainer, which increases confidence in the learners ‘ selves and motivates them to exercise .

5. Audio visual training :

This training method depends on arousing the attention of the trainees through the use of films and TV. slides, photo slides ( resident photos with annotations), maps and graphics, And other methods of training that are relied upon ; To deliver knowledge and information to the trainee in a simplified , expedited and economical manner, as this training material can be used in more than one training course .

The effectiveness of this method increases if it is followed by opening a door for an organized discussion among the trainees under the supervision of the technical director regarding what these methods offer.

Exercise aids or aids play a necessary role, and therefore in making that exercise stimulating , interesting, flexible, mobile, and interesting, as they embody the set of technical tools and means, which serve the trainer in how he presents information , manages discussions, communicates knowledge, and reinforces skills) .

Third, identifying the trainers:

When identifying the trainers, it is necessary to choose the most qualified among them with experience in that field who use the training aids competently , and it should be determined whether they will be from within the organization or from outside, What are the conditions for the training ?

Doctor Ahmed Zaki answers these questions and says: (It does not need to come to mind that there is a list of routine qualities that all trainers must have , These qualities differ according to the training style , the purpose , the training method and the training content. Apart from that, it can be said that there are a limited number of general qualities that it is preferable to have in the successful path , and these qualities are:

1. Full knowledge of the training content of the research seminar or study , and the more professional the course is in the field of education at the school and has an awareness of recent scientific trends in the field , the higher it is.

2. The ability to listen to the learners , as many trainers can not counteract the attractiveness of the conversation with the appearance that they lose the ability to hear others.

3. The ability to motivate learners to speak and highlight their reactions and opinions about the material presented to them.

4. Being able to solve the potential conflict and contradiction that may occur in the training sessions, and that requires a degree of flexibility in absorbing conflicting trends and viewpoints and succeeding between them.

5. Familiarity with modern training media , and the ability to use auxiliary tools in training .

6. Communication between the trainer and the trainee, Ken Blanchard says: (The communication between the facilitator and the employee is an essential component of the training process, great trainers ensure that the environmental conditions of effort encourage the trainees to be patient with dangerous risks and to do their best with impunity in a situation of failure.

Coaches are always there to advise and advise their employees or to listen to their problems if there are really any.

And finally:

We conclude with the words of Ken Blanchard: (It is not normal to pass a group of people , but by education you can acquire the face of good coaches, You can also apply it, improve and develop it; This is like with most other business skills , you can always find a place for improvement and development , and good coaches are the first to allow that .)

As you should consider these questions when designing your training programme, Which:

What is the training measure used?

What are the auxiliary training methods ?
Who are the trainers who do the training ?

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3 steps to design your training program

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3 steps to design your training program

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