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Training bags are one of the most important signs of current progress for advanced communities and national environments, which is beginning to invade our Arab and Islamic spaces, the process of self-education or self-healing, Including home education, an individual’s mastery of the skills needed to keep up with perceptions of labour market challenges and requirements.

it’s about this more important topic now, which is the most important aspect of any society’s criteria for success in development, which is the management and development of human resources; And the goals. of development efforts.

In this context, The Arab Forum for Human Resources Management has issued a range of training portfolios in various fields, Written by Mohamed Ahmed Ismail, Designed by Ahmed Nabil Farhat, of experts in the field.

Knowing how to prepare a successful and meaningful training package is one of the things that every coach should take well, or anyone who has a desire to teach, Or anyone who wants to work in the field of courses. first It is necessary to study how it works and prepare a successful training package. This requires many factors identified in a few steps, It must be conducted well and ideally for the session to achieve the expected benefits for both students and trainers.

31 ready training bags 1 31 ready training bags

What does the word training bags mean:

The term training package refers to what the course contains, And how it was developed, And what exactly is it, Because a successful training package is what distinguishes the course from other training courses and distinguishes it in its field from the same thing always. Keen on this field compared to other courses in the field of training that organizes and chooses its content in the most useful way

The number of these packages is 31 free bags targeting multiple audiences:

people who want to train themselves.

Train company managers who want to review bags to evaluate programs and update training content.

Trainers look forward to reviewing training packages and using them to update their programs.

Covers the training bags contained in this book, and their titles and links downloaded from forums sites, A wide range of administrative, financial and technical fields, In addition to a variety of other skills necessary to join the workforce, Both in the Arab world and in the Arab world. Abroad.

These bags included:

1. Dialogue skills.

2. WordPress word processor program.

3. Training trainers.

4. Trustees and warehouse commissioners.

5. Time management.

6. Inventory management.

7. Training of school administration workers.

8. Develop creative thinking.

9. Develop positive thinking.

10. Effective teaching by faculty and senior leadership.

11. Brainstorming strategy.

12. Authorization.

13. Administrative organization.

Accounting and financial transactions of business managers.

15. Personnel training program.

16. Case study techniques.

17. Coach’s guide in coach training.

18. Staff development.

19. Department of Personnel and Industrial Relations.

20. Building administrative capacity.

21. Continuous calendar.

22. Administrative problems, its concept and its types.

23. Use Microsoft Project to manage the project.

24. Student Mentor training program.

25. Accounting principles for administrators.

26. Build teams.

27. Leading Director.

28. DICAMS as a mechanism for describing the job and identifying training needs.

29. Strategies in Creativity.

30. List of cash flows.

CoRT specializes in management planning, industry and policy-making.

Each of these packages contains the basis and information needed for each domain, In addition to the practical aspects of training, In addition to status models.

31 ready training bags 2 31 ready training bags

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