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33 professional qualities for the success of the coach

For a successful coach specific qualities, specific basics on which his career is based , To become a successful coach, I will give you the most important tips that will help you.

    33 professional qualities for the success of the coach

33 professional qualities for the success of the coach

1. Know that it is not as important as you know, but the most important is how much you can communicate what you know to those who do not know.

2. Include in the size and quality of the data you wish to deliver to participants, and seek to move from modest to difficult and clearly anonymous.

3- Make sure to train vertical, not horizontal, Focus, not reproduction, and know that the real benefit, pleasure and excitement lie in deepening the subject and exploring its temptations, not in easy surface subtraction.

4- Show participants limited data, information and ideas that can be remembered, The dose does not increase, but wait until they understand and preserve that data and then go on to add modern data.

5. Try not to offer attendees more than one point of view at a time.

6- Make sure that individuals understand your idea before continuing to present a new idea.

7- Re-recall some important meanings, opinions and topics from time to time, And at intervals , In a variety of ways and without cost, studies have shown that if you mention the idea once to the audience, at the end of the month they remember 10% of them, but if you mention six times at different intervals, at the end of the month they remember 90% of them.

8. If you can make access to results and answer questions come out of the mouth of the participants themselves, not from your mouth, that is first and most beneficial to them.

9- Be sure to deliver well prepared and be careful of sustainable reading from a paper, It is a gene for the sick and miserable for the cast or the trainer .

10. If you are asked a question that you do not know the answer to, do not be ashamed to say I do not know, it is half the science, and you can ask the audience to discuss it, postpone the answer to it or instruct them to think and look into it.

11- Be sure to excite , thrill and surprise, Contrary to participantsspeculation, avoid stereotypes and routines.

12. Be normal, Be careful, and know that this is a secret of good delivery, just as it is a motive to attract those present to you.

13. Monitor participants, check their conditions, reflect on their facial features , And make sure that none of them sleeps, entertains their imagination, engages sideways with their neighbor, or thinks of a face outside of it, and if you get bored, turn it to the audience, quickly remove it with a blink or a game or transform the style, Otherwise, it’s the program or the training day.

14. Encouraged honest competitions between participants, and used several methods, including: administrative matches, Training games, Teams, competitions, joint discussion.

15. Always remember that people love stories , experiences, news and events.

16. If you mention a story , saying or fact , mention it clearly, specifying the date , names and places.

17. The participants joked, and more than they were courted, and they were not a bissa, and they were bored and broken.

18. Remember that you are neither an acrobat nor a clown, Don’t joke and laugh too much, and I know that from a lot of laughter I said his prestige It is a lot of joke that he underestimated.

19- Read a lot and renew your information, Follow the latest news and make your information comprehensive and diverse in all areas.

20. Be smart, instantly intuitive, Good behavior.

21. Think and meditate before you speak, And beware the opposite.

22. Be creative in throwing and training, keen on change and renewal, avoiding routine and monotony as much as you can.

23. Manage the exact time for delivery or training and be careful not to talk too much about topics that do not serve the objectives of the programme.

24. Be logically realistic, He spoke about the environment of the attendees, And live their reality and their society, Avoid excessive ideals.

25- Be sure of the positive and encouraging movement of the head, which is motivated by support or willingness to listen or to show understanding, absorption and follow-up, Move the head from top to bottom and from bottom to top.

26- Look at all sides, And I turned right and north, And forward and backward, Don’t focus your attention on one side and neglect the other.

27- Avoid rapid eye movement.

28. Address your conversation to the audience and not to the projector or display.

29. Take the letters out of their exits, Pronounce words clearly and do not eat late.

30. Speak in a language that everyone understands, And beware of philosophy in vague terms this is a reason to lose the attention and attention of the attendees, If you have to use these terms, explain them first.

31- Not the rate of speed of your voice, And don’t make your voice at the same pace .

32- Best use of the signal by hand, Make it consistent with the nature of speech, but beware of exaggerating it.

33. Beware of repeating a movement too often.

    33 professional qualities for the success of the coach
33 professional qualities for the success of the coach

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33 professional qualities for the success of the coach

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