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A successful coach has certain characteristics and specific foundations on which to build his career, In order to become a successful coach,

I’ll give you some of the most important tips that will help you.

33 wills that make you a professional coach.

1. The most important thing you should know is not how much you know, But how much you have the ability to communicate what you know to those you don’t know.

2- Gradually increase the amount and quality of information you want to pass on to participants and try to move from Plain to Saab, Known to unknown in your receipt.

3- Be sure to train vertically instead of horizontally, Focus instead of doubling, I know that the real benefits, pleasure and excitement lie in deepening the subject and exploring its depths, It is not simple superficial proposals.

Provide participants with limited data, information and ideas that they can remember, And don’t increase their dose, But wait until they understand and remember the information, Then continue to add new information.

5. Try not to provide more than one idea to attend at the same time.

6- Make sure people understand your idea before moving on to new ideas.

7. Remind me of important meanings, ideas and topics from time to time, At different intervals, And in different ways, Without costing. Research has shown that if the idea is mentioned to attend once, They remember 10% of them at the end of the month, But 90% if mentioned six times in different time periods in.

8- If you can get results and answer questions from the participant’s mouth instead of yours, That would be the first and most useful for them.

9- Be careful with prepared speeches, Make sure you don’t read a piece of paper constantly because it’s a sad legacy of boredom for the speaker or coach.

10- If you are asked a question that you do not know the answer to, Don’t be ashamed to say I don’t know, Because it’s half knowledge, You can discuss the question directly, or postpone the answer to it, Or ask them to think about it and study it.

11- Taking care of excitement, excitement and surprise, Contrary to participants’ expectations and avoiding stereotypes and routines.

12. Be normal and be careful not to be indecent, Knowing that this is a secret of good speech and what makes people in the room attracted to you.

13. Watch the participant, Check his condition, Notice the features of his face, Make sure he’s not sleeping, Or lost in his mind, or his preoccupation with his neighbors, or think of something out of the question, And if you feel running to come bored you can hurry up. Eliminate it by flashing, playing a game or changing patterns. Otherwise Finish the course or training day.

Promoting fair competition among participants and using a variety of methods, including: Administrative competitions, training competitions, working groups, competitions and joint discussions.

15. Always remember that people love stories, experiences, news and events.

16. If you mention a story, saying or event, please mention it clearly with history, name and place.

17. Joke with the participants, Don’t flirt with them, Don’t be dry, So you get bored and comfortable.

18. Remember that you are neither a clown nor a clown, Don’t over-joke and laugh, And I know who laughs the most, You say his prestige, And no matter how much jokes he underestimates.

19. Read more, Update your information, Watch out for the latest developments, Make your information comprehensive and diverse in all areas.

20. Smart, Intelligent, Intelligent, And good behavior.

21. Think and meditate before speaking and note the opposite.

Be creative in presentations and training, And be careful about change and modernization, Try to avoid routine and monotony.

23. To be a successful trainer, manage time.

24. Be a logical realistic coach, Talk about the environment of the participants, And live their reality and their society, Avoid excessive ideals.

25. Enthusiasm for positive and encouraging head movement in the sense of support, willingness to listen or show understanding, absorption and follow-up, By moving the head from top to bottom and from bottom to top, you will be a special trainer.

26. In all directions, Turn left and right, Roundtrip Left and right, Do not focus on one direction and ignore other trends.

27- Avoid rapid eye movement.

28. Address the presentation to the public, Not on the display or monitor.

29- Make sure, coach, that you take the letters from the port, And he uttered it clearly, And don’t eat the last one.

30. Speak in a language that everyone can understand, Beware of philosophizing in vague terms because this is what loses the attention and attention of the audience, If these terms have to be used, Explain it to them first.

31- Change your voice rate and don’t let your voice move to the same frequency.

32. It is better to use gestures that are consistent and in tune with the essence of speech, But beware of exaggeration.

33. Beware of repeating a movement too often.

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