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Just like a student carrying a school bag to his seat at school, And a professor carrying a school bag to teach in place, This is the original image of the training bag, But the bag here has other contents, Because the content training bag is more than physical content, This package is very important for trainers and trainees.

In our paragraph, we will select the training package and stop the preparation process, Then we open the training bag and the trainee training package to see what’s inside each of these packages.

What does the training bag take care of?

As a matter of fact The shoulder training bag doesn’t look as imagined, It appears with a word for content.

The training package can also be defined as a set of intellectual determinants, Including the content of comprehensive training in a particular area, Through which the coach manages the training process.

As for the definition of the trainee training package, it is what the trainee receives from the trainer and what the trainee prepares to interact with the training area.

To confirm the previous definition of the training package, we suggest the following explanatory points:

  1. Training bags are the information and intellectual standards used to support the training process.
  2. Training packages are linked to trainers and trainees.
  3. The trainee is willing to explain the training bag in the field of training.
  4. Trainees connect by receiving information and active content within them and being willing to interact with other content.

After reviewing previous points, We can reach a deeper definition than the first two points, The training package is content that includes explanations and assistance. It can achieve the objectives of the training process as needed.

Other concepts related to training packages are:

The training package is linked to a range of concepts that enhance the functionality of the training package, including:

Or not: The training bag is ready information that the trainer prepares to provide as a course in the content of the course.

Secondly: This is the information that the trainee receives from the trainer through the media and means that this information is communicated systematically and systematically.

Third: Collecting information from skills, coach experience and vision of the course theme.

Fourthly: The training bag can be considered a serial program of scheduled mechanics, Content containing information that the trainer and trainee will discuss during the course.

Fifthly: The training bag is the information content, various activities and practical procedures carried out during the training session between the trainer and the trainee.

Sixthly: The process of pre-processing tools, strategies and designs that help to extract information from the field of the curriculum to achieve the goals of the trainer and trainee.

The training bag has multiple types:

The training bag comes in many forms, They shape their form through several considerations that shape their information structure as well as their form. We have made our intentions clear in the context of the following points:

Or not: Training bags by nature of use: There are two main types of training bags related to how they are used or rather who will use them.

  1. This is the coach’s training bag. Its content contains the information and means used by the trainer to communicate information and activities to the student audience.
  2. 2. The trainee has a training bag. Trainees prepare special content as they prepare to receive information and participate.
  3. 3. There is a third training package, Given the purpose, it is a comprehensive type between the coach and the student, The content contains all the training needs.

Secondly: Type of design of the training bag: Content varies during the design process, including:

  1. The process of designing an electronic training bag in which content is prepared electronically using a computer program, Such as the interpretive media content that the trainer explains to the trainee.
  2. The self-training kits are designed using the mind of the trainer’s hands. I love the content of the educational game.

Third: Content training bags: The types of packages vary in their contained ones, including:

  1. One training package in which the trainer collects specific information so that each package collects private information that has nothing to do with other information.
  2. Diversity of content units, The trainer produces a different set of messages, tools and activities in one training package.

Fourthly: Training bags by activity content: The content contains the process of many activities, In contrast, these packages are divided into the following categories:

  1. Individual activity content, Limited to one activity.
  2. Multi-activity content training package, The trainer brings multiple activities together.

What’s the training bag made up?

The fact is that the answer to this question cannot be limited, Because the content of the training bag varies greatly and does not necessarily contain specific elements. But the most common elements in the contents of the training package are:

  1. Course area information covering the entire course.
  2. A process that facilitates the transfer of information from the trainer to the trainee. These methods may be information in the form of stereoscopic images.
  3. Activities for trainers to transport students and improve their mental and practical abilities.
  4. Strategies used by trainers in the course management process.
  5. Learners prepare questions to ask the trainer to add achievement information.
  6. Designs Graphic and videos prepared by trainers for students as information materials.
  7. The content of the training package can be informal logistical, It is free of the monotony of trainers and trainees.
  8. The training bag includes the process of preparing the basis for communication, exchange and interaction between trainers and trainees, This makes the process participatory and demonstrates educational competence and practical impact.
4 key points for the training bag 1 4 key points for the training bag

The training bag should include the following quality criteria:

It is not important to have a training package ready. Instead, It is important to be of high quality and help achieve the goals that both trainers and students aspire to.

One of the most important quality standards is the training bag:

  1. The content of the training bag must be appropriate and consistent with the nature of the training process.
  2. Flexibility is important for the content of information in the training package, Emergencies and uncalculated matters often appear to trainers and trainees during the training process.
  3. Credibility is one of the basic determinants of the quality of training package templates, The process of applying the teaching package is only valid in its content.
  4. The content must include precise technical criteria, Such as the timing and nature of the information, In addition to the ideas of the coach and the trainee.
  5. The trainee must accept the training package prepared by the trainer.

How do you set up the training bag?

4 key points for the training bag 2 4 key points for the training bag

The preparation process is carried out in accordance with the scientific method to be followed:

  1. Understand the nature of training and what your audience wants from you.
  2. In addition to the content of sports activities outside the scope of receiving information, You will also set up the content of theoretical information.
  3. Write down all the requirements of the training package setting process and start the process of practicality and deliver those requirements, For example The information you’ll write and prepare. Equipment preparation activities.
  4. Check the content and make sure you get the most out of it in front of learners.
  5. If the trainee prepares the content of the training package, The trainee must brainstorm the information he will receive, The trainee then prepares the questions and participation mechanisms that he will apply in the training.

Sources of information on the contents of the training bag:

4 key points for the training bag 3 4 key points for the training bag

The training bag comes with a number of tools that include information that forms the content of the training bag prepared by the trainer and trainee.

The most prominent of these sources are:

  1. An indicative information form designed and prepared by the trainer according to training requirements.
  2. PowerPoint segments are one of the most used resources for trainers to provide information to learners.
  3. Educational games are an advanced source of information for trainers to use in their training packages.


The training package is one of the organizational models that controls the training process, It gives the trainer the opportunity to prepare the information content and content of the activities they will provide to the trainees, In addition to managing the trainer according to the training requirements. The parameters in the training bag as well as linked to the trainee who prepared the training bag to obtain information and participate in the training bags have the criteria and conditions that must be met to ensure their quality.

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