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4 steps to prepare a training bag for junior trainees

You might think it’s easy to set up a training bag for junior trainees, but it’s really not easy at all,

We will now give you these tips, which contain instructions and information on the steps of preparing a training bag for trainees that suit the category of junior trainees and will help you greatly to avoid some common mistakes in writing training bags, here are 4 steps to prepare a training bag for junior trainees.

4 steps to prepare a training bag for junior trainees

1) Rely on memory to write

To illustrate this problem more, imagine yourself explaining a simple task, for example, adding a standard modem device to Windows 98 at first, type in detail as if you were explaining it to a junior intern now and then open your computer and follow all the previous steps and notice whether you wrote all these steps or have you deleted one of them.

Or maybe you forgot the step of pressing a button. A training bag for junior trainees who have no knowledge of the applications or devices you use, and if you take one of these steps in the explanation and do not find it written in the trainee’s note, it makes them very concerned and confused that they may be making a mistake that they do not know why.

    4 steps to prepare a training bag for junior trainees

2) Entrance to the beginners’ course

Let’s give you an example of Microsoft Access training in universities for junior trainees, Training such topics confuses many junior trainees in terms of the terms and language used in it, although perhaps the ease and simplicity of the plan for the course, which contains the creation of tables and the introduction of some information,

Coordinating, sorting, sorting, or changing some tables and printing some pages, but it can seem very difficult for them,

So to design a training bag , go to your personal device first, open the creation of tables, then type each step in detail and shoot some live footage at every important stage so that the novice student who lacks the necessary knowledge and experience can see every step in front of him on the screen, Don’t forget to evaluate students’ performance after each step by conducting periodic tests, which is an important and essential step to achieve the desired goals.

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3) Be aware of the target group

Return success The training bag is actually to the target group and how much they benefit from it, so the most important step in preparing a training bag for junior trainees is to make sure that it fits the target group for which the plan was originally developed where it is different from Preparing a training bag for network officials for other writing for junior trainees.

For example, you won’t tell network administrators how to turn on the screen, while for junior trainees, the bag must include all steps and procedures and all information must be detailed to make sure you’re on track.

Here you should emphasize the importance of screen shots as it helps beginners to follow step by step steps.

    4 steps to prepare a training bag for junior trainees

4) Flexibility of the training bag

It is information that reflects the results of the individual’s performance on a particular task and therefore any A flexible and scalable training bag that is not related to a certain validity, when you include new information that you believe is important, the results of which must be confirmed on a sample of trainees and later these trainees will be able to suggest, delete or even reformulate additional information,

While preparing a training bag , make sure you’re following the latest version of the bag and add the document date, plus when you set up a training bag, keep a record of the changes made to each version.

Training bag preparation guide
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4 steps to prepare a training bag for trainees

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