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Introducing google skills platform and courses:

In the first half of 2018, Google has launched an Arabic language learning platform called Google Skills, The main objective of this platform is to support participants and help them complete scientific functions in specific areas, Google’s platform also helps traders and economists do business.

The platform allows participants the freedom to choose between taking a comprehensive course or taking certain parts of the course that benefit specific areas of the study.

The educational platform is concerned with many different areas, Especially in digital marketing, and career development, Technology and data.

Google courses are free:

Google offers many free courses, Participants who want to enroll in a particular course can create a free account within the Google Skills platform.

Free courses from Google:

Through the Google Skills platform, A variety of free training courses are offered, one of the importants:

  1. Google Courses in Digital Marketing Basics:

This course is a preliminary course for marketing research, Through which basic information is provided on everything related to the business, So-called e-commerce, How to train in marketing through content, email or search reliance is provided by the Internet. This also helps provide training course in local marketing and many other diverse areas.

  1. The process of companies entering the world of the Internet:

Through this course, participants are trained in the mechanisms of creating an electronic store for each participant, It also helps teach them how to use the online experience to attract customers.

  1. Google Courses to increase your online presence:

Through this course, Participants will be trained on how to target as many customers as possible in proportion to the product to be sold.

  1. Training courses to promote your business through online advertising:

Through this course, participants will be trained on how to use some electronic tools that effectively complement marketing strategies.

  1. Training courses to expand business activities to other countries:

This course helps train participants on how to attract customers from all over the world, And many other things related to this subject.

Certificates provided by Google free of charge:

Google has contributed to free certification in many different areas, Especially when it comes to the basics of digital marketing. As for other marketing areas, It is not only necessary to obtain a certificate, But also acquire these skills.

Google’s free certificate adds more power and excellence to your CV without other ordinary people.

Details about Google Courses:

Google’s courses contain some important details, The most important are:

Google Courses provided via corsera platform:

Coursera, in partnership with Google, offers a variety of free courses, The most important difference between these courses is that they are free courses and contain valuable information that anyone can use anywhere in the world. .

For now, The number of courses offered through the Coursera platform linked to Google has reached about 11 related to Google specialties, These courses are offered free of charge, Other fees are paid.

5 Google Courses 1 5 Google Courses

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