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5 innovative ways to assess the training phase

evaluation  (or calendartraining  is part Necessary  of the training process where  he is how  to success training  In the future. training Requires expenses  We are assigned  above that  trainees vacate for training  and cut them off effort throughout training

5 innovative ways to assess the training phase

For this  it is from necessary position  Not to waste our time and money on useless training courses from here explain necessary valuation trainingthere ample means  to evaluate training  Of which

1. opinion  Trainees:

Can Science Perspective  trainees by dividing  Survey In the wake of training To find out  their opinion of text  session and perform the coach  and training material and position training . Dialogues governmental  and change official  with the trainees throughout  After the session you may give us a good picture of their impressions. disgrace That Method and how  The trainees may not take the questionnaire seriously and may avoid giving negative opinions. That Method and how  good To find out Perspective  trainees in the coach  and theme training but it  We may not be able to knowledgeable Domain Excellence training  In providing the trainees skill experiences  and acquaintances Close to the covenantThat method and how  be purposeful Significantly  at Circumstance  There is trust among the trainees and running valuing training so  They will explain their opinions to him Carefully  and honesty

2. Evaluation  during  Training :

may the individual Responsible  In the presence of limited number of  parts of training  Observe the interaction of the trainees with Sports Director  and how excited they are for training  and extent incident position  and tools the aide
That method and how Featured  as style and how Immediately  And we were able to notice things many but it lack  to experience from inhabitant training .
 It could be  from Difficult evaluation Everything so  special method if it article training professional Significantly  and evaluated training  not on knowledgeable  enough to

3. Test results  Trainees before and after the course:

 That method depends on a necklace Exam  before and after trainingThat how  enable us to knowledgeable Domain  Trainees gain information modern Except she is  not standard  to the extent that they are able to benefit  of them or its performance .
 that  method It could be  Provocative for the trainees where  make them feel that matter became views  School and university exams. also  it is from an interest the coach show Excellence training  Therefore and have Seeks  simplification Exam  What Until now training  To ensure a difference overwhelming  between results exams  before and after training
That how It could be  good when matter Represented in  exercises (or project) doing it  apprentice in End training and used  It contains what we have learned so that we can be sure of it he can  on performance That skill experiences  knowledge and so that they are part of training  It is not a written test after  session

4. Perform  trainees  distance  Course:

 what was Target  from training  he is revision work  The measure performance  the Apprentice after training  he is a tool basic . disgrace That method and how Sometimes  Difficulty measuring performance  the Apprentice related  subject training in abundance  What is the measurement of other things? an average And so  she is count on idea  The manager of the trainee, which may be affected by his conviction of the importance training
So and have Complete fragmentation employees desired  Train them into two groups and happen practice  first group then emulation  its performance apply  The group that did not receive training in the aftermathin this way  guarantee that the difference Grade and Standard  he is result for training Nothing else

5. Combine methods  missed :

 as watching  it does not Stay a tool  One is enough to evaluate training  So the use more than a tool can we  from Appreciation in a manner  finer.
For example, we may take  Perspectives  trainees  And also  We evaluate their performance  Until now  training  And we do the analysis  Through  training
from  Important  to use  method  the incident  at  the condition  appropriate .
The courses in which the trainee acquires professional  Applied like use  a program computer  or training  on welding, on writing reports, or on the planning  can be measured behave Implementation of  My work can be measured influence training
also He should considerate  The culture of the trainees and their career position I have use  style the exam  before and after training . at Attitude  Training courses that develop Possibilities  the Apprentice for that  be able to occupy higher positions in the future no can we use style and how  Measurement performance  the Apprentice after training where  that training  no Link  his work standing


then training  at Developing countries  for him necessary overwhelming  To compensate point deterioration when  employees and to raise the level to Grade and Standard International . we have to trade  With training  Seriously, and not skimp on our time and effort to identify training needs and valuation training . And we, as trainees, should not take command  as vacation from effort  and to be we have  Secretariat in Experiment benefit  from training . We, as trainees, have to do our best Effort  To benefit the trainees and to provide them with the training material Occasion by methods Occasion

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5 innovative ways to assess the training phase

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