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5 most important basics of a distance learning environment

The educational environment for distance education consists of five basics that we will explain in detail.

5 most important basics of a distance learning environment

1. The teacher requires the availability of the following characteristics:

The ability to teach and use modern educational techniques
The knowledge of the use of computers, including the Internet and e-mail

2. The learner requires the availability of the following characteristics:

Self directed learning skills
The science of using computers, including the Internet and e-mail

3. Technical support staff and requires the availability of the following characteristics:

Specialization in the nature of the situation in computers and Internet components
Familiarity with a limited number of computer programs related to the system, in addition to knowledge of educational technology and the process of learning and teaching

4. Central technical staff

5. Central administrative staff

Basic equipment:

The teacher’s workstation
The learner’s workstation
Use of the internet (the internet access)

It includes computer tools and networks – various media of sound and image – graphics – search mechanisms – electronic libraries

Its components:

1. Up-to-date and constantly updated educational materials
2. Active interaction between the parties to the teaching and learning process
3. Adopt this method
4. It is available at a variety of times to suit learners with their different circumstances
5. Facilitating its use for learners
6. The possibility of modification according to what the offerings dictate
7. Registration and cooperation from all parties in order to benefit from the experiences of others

Appreciation in training from a distance:

Training from a distance is characterized by the possibility of programming the web page, and thus the diversity and multiplicity of the front side lessons and tests, and from this:

・Choose from Variety
The answer is correct or incorrect
· Check pans
The learner is provided with feedback once he has completed the answer

Methods used in training from a distance:

The approach to training from a distance includes two types of devices: Supplies and means of communication that are required to be easy to use and whose content is free of errors.

The approach to training from a distance is represented in large companies and universities on one or more massive computers that perform the task of the distributor, ending the interest of all other software that runs the jobs through it. In realizing the scientific content of the training programs, accessing them, and following up on their study period, with granting them the certificate until they have passed the scheduled exams.

Likewise, E-Mail is considered the primary means on the Internet, a tool for expedited messaging between male and female students and teachers. From the heart of the technological media used in the exercise from a distance: CDs, the Internet, training with computer aid, and services through data transmission networks such as the information mail system, document transmission, and others.

Using a computer in training from a distance?

instant advances in computer networks, the huge improvement in the power of personal computer tools, Also, the brilliant leadership in magnetic preservation technology made the computer a dynamic force in the field of training from a distance, As there are modern means of mutual interaction capable of overcoming the elements of eternity and distance to bring scholars.

Its applications in the field of education or training from a distance are divided into four broad categories:

1. Education or training with the help of a computer, i.e. it complements the use of the computer as a machine that includes a means of self-education as it provides lessons in an implicit manner and therefore to meet and achieve specific educational purposes, but they are restricted at the same time. There are many aspects of computer-assisted education that include training and practice. or a class held by a teacher, Games, artificial and simulated matches, And also problem solving.

2. Computer-Driven Education: That is, the use of computer capabilities such as segmentation, storage, and research to legislate Education and continuation of the progress of students and information related to them. In that circumstance, it is not necessary to have computer-assisted education, although in a large number of times computer-assisted education is available alongside computer-led education.

3. Communication through a computer, describing computer applications that facilitate communication. Examples include e-mail, and meetings through the computer.

4. Various methods of communication organized on the computer such as interactive electronic texts, In addition, a generation of powerful, complex and flexible computer supplies that are still in the process of being modified and that have gained the attention of teachers from a distance in recent years. The purpose of the multi-record communication tools and methods in relation to the computer is to achieve the integration of voice, picture and sound, and computer technologies to meet and deliver a single, easily accessible delivery system.

5 most important basics of a distance learning environment

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5 most important basics of a distance learning environment

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