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Media projectors are used in training

Training is an activity related to the transfer of instructions and information, in order to develop the performance of the individual being trained, or to help him reach a certain stage of skills and knowledge, Training is defined as an exercise designed to transfer a new set of skills to the practical individual in order to do an activity or work. Another training tariff is to provide individuals with the right experience to help them develop their skills and increase their knowledge by relying on the application of the training process in the most effective way.

Training is one of the most important factors that help companies grow and grow their performance, Since staff training, enhances their skills and ability to perform their careers with great success and effectiveness, As modern technologies evolve, different training techniques have evolved,

Training is to teach staff the skills needed to develop them, and develop their career performance, and improve the way they work to get the best results, Thus, the company reaches its goals and increases the growth in the company’s products, Various training methods and techniques have been developed, Because of its importance in developing staff skills, Technological techniques have been used in modern training techniques in order to reach the best result with staff

Conditions requiring training aids:

Ingeneral, there are (5) cases requiring the use of training methods:

Factors to consider when selecting an auditory aid:

Principles for selecting training aids:

Projectors used in training:

Slide projectors:

6 projectors used in training 1 6 projectors used in training

It is a slide show device placed within a special framework for this purpose. The device uses slides shot on special films that have been developed differently from normal movies. The device comes in many forms depending on the capacity of the device’s chip (simple/medium/large) or the sound associated with the image (speaking/non-speaking). The difference in slides is that they add a high level of credibility to the training material, In addition to the fact that things in nature can be delivered to the room as they are.

6 projectors used in training 2 6 projectors used in training

2. Light projectors:

It is one of the most common and voluntary devices used in training because of its ability to display written and official materials and color and color images. The device comes in several types; it is fixed and mobile for transparency and for ordinary paper.

It has the advantage of helping the trainer determine the structure, scheduling of the presentation and the timing of the presentation, The device’s auxiliary presentation makes the display more attractive and adds energy and interaction to the meeting.

3- TV viewing unit (video + TV) video unit:

The TV projector consists of a video device and a tv connected to it to view the video on TV. The advantage of this module is to display dynamic images that have a greater impact on the viewer.

Tv viewing unit programs are lively and vibrant, Sometimes it is a form of entertainment for students. The video can also capture the scene and present it directly to the recipient, This leaves them with a tremendous and powerful impact.

4- Movie projectors:

It’s a device that shows a movie tape, combines image and sound, with different accompanying effects. Film strips are attractive, thrilled and able to move reality to the training hall.

By combining these factors, The film bar provides greater focus, tracking and a stable perception process.

Multimedia projectors:

It is one of the latest technological innovations in projectors because despite the technical complexity of the device, It is able to display material on a video, CD or computer in a magnifying glass (on a TV), But it is considered like all previous devices in one device.

6- Screen projectors:

Screen parts are complementary to all previous projectors except TV projectors, It represents the surface on which it is displayed. Screens come in a variety of fixed/portable or wall-mounted shapes because they vary in size and color, In many cases if it is flat it is replaced by dropping on the wall it is dark (such as white).

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