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The most important and famous free courses accredited in Saudi Arabia:

  1. Courses offered by The Drop Educational Platform:

The course was launched through the Human Resources Fund, which helps modernize and develop the process by developing individual competencies through courses offered by The Drop Educational Platform, which offers many different courses.

It is well known that these courses offered by this platform are commensurate with the current labour market in Saudi Arabia, It is therefore necessary to obtain certificates in these courses in order to obtain suitable employment opportunities in the market.

  1. Courses offered by the Faculty of Public Administration:

The Faculty of Public Administration helps employees and students in their field by offering a variety of scientific programs.

The Faculty of Public Administration is one of the oldest educational institutions throughout the Arab world.

Students at the University are assisted to qualify them to join the labour market through courses offered by the Faculty of Management, which is one of the best courses offered in Saudi Arabia.

6 training courses in Saudi Arabia 1 6 training courses in Saudi Arabia
  1. Courses offered at King Khalid University:

King Khalid Training University is interested in providing a variety of training courses for citizens on a regular basis that are effectively designed to develop skills that will enable trainees to enter the labour market easily.

  1. Human Resources Development Fund courses:

Through the Human Resources Development Fund, which has provided many jobs for many people in various fields, Train them to be fully prepared for the vacancies they receive in the private sector.

This Resource Development Fund is used to help many students gain practical experience, and prepare for the workforce after graduation, Easy registration in courses through the learning platform.

  1. Tamhir courses:

The course offered by The Tempher Program is one of the best educational and training courses for graduates of both sexes in general and its main objective is to qualify these students to enter the labor market in government and private institutions where they contribute significantly to their access. Experience and experience. This helps these students easily enter the workforce.

  1. Courses offered by the enriching platform:

Enriche is one of the newest educational platforms in Saudi Arabia. The courses offered by this educational platform are designed to enhance the competence of human resources in Saudi Arabia. It also aims primarily to increase the knowledge, awareness and ability of these people to join the business market.

The most popular course sites in Saudi Arabia:

6 training courses in Saudi Arabia 2 6 training courses in Saudi Arabia

There are many different sites in Saudi Arabia that can be used to offer many courses in various accredited areas in Saudi Arabia, The most important are:

  1. Knowledge platform:

The platform is interested in offering many different courses in various fields, The platform is used to increase knowledge, The most important courses offered within the platform include:

  1. Courses in web design and development.
  2. Programming courses starting from scratch.
  3. Advanced courses in software engineering.
  4. Physical education courses for workers and employees in fields including sports.
  5. Lessons at home and crafts.
  6. Special programmes for children as a means of supporting and developing their skills.
  7. Human Development Science Course.

8- Advanced graphics courses based on the latest programs.

9- Courses in the field of electronic marketing.

10- Many different English courses based on modern educational methods and methods.

  1. Opportunity site:

Offers the opportunity of a variety of courses in various fields, The main concern of the site is to offer courses related to professional qualifications, As well as English courses, In addition to computing courses and computing courses. Programming, entrepreneurship and many other training courses.

As such, It is an important opportunity and is a means of acquiring diverse skills in many areas, As well as supporting English and gaining experience and skills in many other areas.

  1. Edio Mi Free website:

EduMe Free offers courses in many different fields and disciplines that help support learners and help them develop their skills. One of the most important features of this site is that its courses are offered free of charge, The most important free courses offered by this site include:

  1. Vocational courses in self-education.
  2. Training courses to increase profits by working online.
  3. Training courses to improve search engines.
  4. Professional accounting courses are offered.
  5. Vocational courses that teach English to beginners.
  6. French courses from scratch.
  7. ICDL courses.
  8. Photoshop Science courses.

The importance of training courses offered in Saudi Arabia:

Free courses offered in Saudi Arabia through educational platforms are among the most popular and important because they effectively support students and staff and help them acquire skills and expertise in many different fields.


At the end of this article we learned about the courses presented in Saudi Arabia and their importance, We have also learned about the most important websites that support courses in Saudi Arabia.

6 training courses in Saudi Arabia 3 6 training courses in Saudi Arabia

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