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7 key steps to effective training

There are several key steps to the effective training process. We’ll get to know her.

    7 key steps to effective training

7 key steps to effective training

1- The relationship of understanding and communication between the coach and the trainee:

An example of a successful and experienced trainer is the one who gives you a sense of communication, understanding, kindness and relaxation when talking to and interacting with them. This type of trainer is committed to developing these skills so that you can build a good relationship with the client based on communication, understanding, trust and familiarity, leading to communication and mutual communication between all parties.

This communication between the trainer and the trainee appears in:

  • Social interaction: It is a commitment to all basic norms, taste rules and social etiquette.
  • B- Based on confidence in the training course, the coach will continue because he believes that the coach is an expert in the training course and its method.
  • C- Communication based on the trust of the coach, The coach no longer trusts only the way he trains, He became more intimate with him.
  • D- Maximizing the strengthening of the relationship between communication and understanding, Reaching the stage of this relationship requires great skills, Because the coach and trainees will work as a cooperative team under the training plan.

2- Good listening skills

It is one of the hallmarks of an experienced trainer. The first step to becoming a person’s listening skills is to recognize that listening is different from listening. Listening to something simply means receiving the sound of the thing, Listening requires interpreting the sound to give it meaning and determine the appropriate response to it. The art of listening consists of three basic elements:
• Setting, That is, access to the appropriate listening state.
The ability to focus and maintain it.
• Inform the trainee that the trainer is listening.
During training, the trainer listens to the trainee as follows:
  • A. Repeat what he hears from trainees every now and then and summarize some of the backgrounds in the dialogue between them.
  • B- Combining the language used by the student when asking questions and improving the tone of voice when speaking, This is an important method, Because it reflects the student’s respect for the student’s way of expressing one of the things, And because it fits his language. , So it will have a big impact on students.

3- Ask creative questions:

Asking innovative questions is at the heart of an effective training process, Asking the right questions in a timely manner is essential to the success of the training process.
The main effects of these problems are:
• Forcing the trainee to think, follow and observe the things surrounding him and his feelings, And experience all the experiences.
• Include clarity in the way you think.
Focus on key spaces and behaviors.
• Make sure the trainer understands what the trainee says or describes.
• Challenge trainees to take action and start changing.
Promoting self-awareness among students.
One of the ways to benefit the trainee is to delve deeper into the trainee to understand his ideas well, This method depends mainly on the questions or comments asked so that the trainee can continue to speak or get an explanation. There are four ways to enable trainers to understand their ideas in depth, This is of great value to trainers:
• Based on the depth of silence: A period of silence is very useful for the trainee so that he can discover what he feels and think about certain topics or situations.
• Based on the depth of the conversation: they are purposeful and detailed questions such as: When.? Who’s at.? The what..? .
• Based on the depth of repetition: This method encourages the trainee to talk and continue.
• In the thought process, You should explore the key points of the coach more deeply.
• Based on the depth of the trainee’s last words: The trainee’s last words will change the tone when used here and tend to rise for further clarification.

4- Set clear goals

Trainees can enhance their ability to self-organize their lives by setting clear goals, So in addition to insisting on achieving these goals and increasing their experience, They are excited to take effective steps to achieve their specific goals. Setting goals in this way also allows them to assess the progress of their performance, And it is an important factor As long as the training aims to enhance the experience and self-development of the trainees.
Target properties:
• For a clear purpose.
• The goal is measurable.
• The goal is achievable.
•  Be realistic.
• There is a specified period of time to complete.
• Expressed positively.
• Get to know them and understand them.

5 Intuition

Intuition is defined as “intuitive intelligence”, That is, the ability to see and feel things that are not clear right now. Intuition is one of the capabilities that help develop and develop one of the most important characteristics of the excellent training process, It can also increase the time of inspiration, Trainers and trainees can gain a comprehensive understanding of the excellent training process.

6- Attendance

The definition of attendance “is the power of personality that distinguishes people.” Because it is human energy, It is not a dominant force and a dominant force. “Attendance” is one of the factors that play a role in the initial selection of trainers by trainees, It also plays a role in ensuring their credibility. Trainees choose trainers based on their presence, level of energy rather than seniority, training and qualifications.

7. Submit a valid evaluation report

Training is a collaborative process in which the trainer and trainee work together to achieve the objectives of the trainee. Trainers are responsible for assessing the results of the evaluation during the training process and making the evaluation results objective and positive.
For an effective assessment report seven functions:
• Based on firm observation rather than opinion or judgment.
• Based on facts, not estimates.
• Appears shortly after the situation in question occurs and shortly after it occurs.
• It involves the conduct of the trainee and not the individual.
•  It is specific, not general.
• Be creative, not analytical.
• Support the trainee’s position rather than put him on the defensive.

Evaluation report stages:

• Convert notes.
• Explain the impact of the trainer on the trainee’s behavior.
Exchange of views and ideas.
• Make suggestions for practical solutions.
• Ask questions.
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7 key steps to effective training

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7 key steps to effective training

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