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8 different types of training

There’s a bunch of training we’re going to get to know in the following lines.

    8 different types of training

8 different types of training

There are several principles for classifying training, Among them:
1- Classified by stage:
Depending on the execution time, Training is divided into:
  • Pre-employment training: preparatory training in the last years of school and before starting work, or training for new arrivals to the organization, Or rehabilitation training for staff promoted to higher positions. Organizations may be assigned new tasks.
  • On-the-job training: After-work training is training for on-the-job staff performing specific tasks.
2- Classified by training level:
Enlightenment training: Raising awareness of the importance of the topic or issue among the target audience or practical training: The second level is practical training, It consists of two parts:

(Type 1): They are trainees who do not have sufficient knowledge and skills.

(Category II): They are people who have the right knowledge and attitudes to perform specific tasks. Application training: Applied training is specialized training in the field of trainees’ work

3- Classification by field of training.

  • Development training: Personality development
  • Vocational training: Training in the use of equipment related to his profession.
  • Management training.
Training activities :
There are many training activities, But the most common are:
  • Training courses.
  • Field trip workshop.
  • Share experiences. Self-training.

5- Training by number of trainees

It is divided into:

  • Individual training.
  • Group training.

Training according to the objective, It is divided into two parts:

The first: In terms of target type:

  • Information: Information to access participants’ knowledge and information or to correct errors.
  • Skills: Modify the participant’s skills from wrong to correct, slow to fast, or give him new skills.
  • Posture: Create a positive trend towards specific things or a negative attitude towards other things.

Secondly: In terms of target level:

  • General objectives: to help the organization maintain the required efficiency.
  • Problem solving goals: Detecting and analysing the specific problems experienced by the organization, Design training programs to solve and solve these problems.
  • Innovation objectives: aimed at achieving exceptional and innovative results, Thus, the organization’s performance in areas and vision that has not been reached has been improved.

7. Classification by training place:

  • Internships: On-the-job training, That is, training employees within the organization in which he works.
  • External training: Out-of-work training. It is staff training outside the staff member’s organization.

According to the executor:

In-organization training: Whether inside or outside the organization, The training organization wants to keep its plan in the organization, So the organization must design the plan, or invite trainers to contribute to the design plan, Then supervising their implementation there is another kind of internship, Which is on-the-job training, Direct bosses provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to perform work or monitor performance.
Some old and experienced workers complete this task. In this way the trainee is allowed to imitate his trainer and learn from him the skills required to perform the job, This type is characterized by similarity and similarity of training conditions and conditions of job performance, So it’s easy to change what you can learn turns into reality and work.
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8 different types of training

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