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In order for project management to succeed, there must be several factors, the most important of which are:

Pre-defined goals.

Achieving this project is not a routine business.

Determining the total costs of the project

Recognizing the existence of risks at each stage of the project requires attention to successful risk management, This means achieving the desired objectives of the project.

Provides a specialized technical team.

Set a specific date for the completion of the project.

Focus on the expectations and requirements that the entrepreneur wants to achieve from the project.

Make sure the item is so unique that it cannot be repeated.

8 factors for success in project management

Successful project manager skills in project management

So that the project manager can manage projects successfully and effectively, He must have several skills, Which: Organizational skills: It is able to carry out the required activities in accordance with the plan established and in accordance with the budget set, Must maintain the quality of the job, This means that the project will succeed in an official who ensures the implementation and success of the project. Problem solving skills: Able to face the risks and problems faced by the project in order to keep things under control. Communication skills: Possessing these skills is essential for project managers; it is a meeting point and communication between legitimate supporters, beneficiaries and working groups. Leadership and personal skills: His ability to organize work among all project members and guide them to achieve their desired goals requires him to deal with others and lead, Which means motivating them properly. It should be noted that the project manager must understand the nature of the people in the project implementation area so that he can deal with them well.

The most important criteria and specifications of the training bag

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