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About field training and its importance

The time students spend in field training may be short or long. Since it is a profession that determines the time of training, Some professions, Like medical professions, Requires long-term training due to the seriousness of these professions and their close relationship to people’s lives. Here are some of the most important points that illustrate the importance of field or practical training for students. During university education, And in some cases in schooling, Students from certain disciplines such as engineering and medicine need on-site training.
    About field training and its importance

About field training and its importance

Places that are considered to spend part of their educational time in the field require graduation and obtaining a certificate of study; that is why educational institutions cooperate with government and private agencies in the country to train students before graduation, Because this training is very important – without training this is not a condition for graduating from college.

About Field Training

I mean the training on the site is that it consists of several types of experience, culture, knowledge and skills, This knowledge, culture, knowledge and skills are presented in different institutions in a planned and orderly manner, To improve students’ understanding and awareness. Increase their experience and skills and improve their level of learning. a way to help them achieve their goals successfully in the future. There are many basic requirements for graduating from universities, Among them is that students spend a period of field training in their specialty or field, This time period varies from university to university, For example, the field training time spent by students in medical schools is more and more, other colleges are larger, Another definition of on-site training is the application of theoretical classes and lectures where students meet on the ground or in a practical way.

What is the importance of field training for students?

On-site training is useful for students because it can help them achieve the following goals: On-site training can help students implement the knowledge learned from class lectures and theoretical lessons in a practical and practical way, Thus improving the outstanding ability of students in their field or professional field, and provide opportunities for students to understand their specialty, This makes them more creative and innovative.
provides them with the opportunity to integrate into the labor market and identifies the challenges they may face after graduation from university, Students can find jobs in their specialties because on-site training eliminates disputes between students. between what he learned and what he found in the market. provides an opportunity to understand the internal situation of the company and learn about the ways of dealing with colleagues and managers, It also provides appropriate preparations for accepting future challenges, responding to changes and solving potential problems. Meet them in the future.
This enables a distinguished person to find a job in a company or institution that receives training, For example, If the student successfully completes the training period, There are many organizations that can provide the most qualified organizations with access to training. Work in the company that suits them. It supports motivating students to enter the labour market without hesitation, making them accustomed to taking responsibility for their work, monitoring official working hours and performing the required tasks on time.
Let the students understand their level. Are they really able to take on business responsibilities? Are their skills and qualifications really suitable for the job after graduation? So , The student begins to determine that he will depend on the way to develop his skills and abilities, for example , From between him, He believes he needs to learn English and seeks to take an English course. Someone else thinks he needs to develop the ability to deal with different computers and programs, So he plans to take computer courses. This means that on-site training enables students to identify their computers. Pros and cons, And what are the appropriate ways to expand the positives and eliminate weaknesses 
enhances students’ sense of the importance of stimulating the soul, Therefore, some of them are determined to spend summer vacations in school training, Of course there are many benefits, the most important of which is free time to do some useful things.
    What are the obstacles to the success of the training process

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About field training and its importance

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About field training and its importance

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