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Accounting training courses

Introduction: Accounting training courses are very important, It is not easy to formulate financial and economic strategies and plans for a company, Accounting analyzes all the company’s profits and losses and provides the company with all important financial information and data of the company, On this basis, many important decisions are taken, Many of them are accounting departments and specialties in this article and we will discuss training courses in this area, many of which are now available online.

Accounting definition:

It is a tool for measuring the financial activity of the organization. Capital accounting studies and how to invest it. Provides all information about expected fixed and variable costs. It provides profit estimates, identifies expected expenses, accounts and other financial values.

The most important training courses in accounting:

1- Feasibility study and project evaluation course using COMFAR llll:

This course is offered by entrepreneurs, financial accountants and owners who study the economic feasibility of projects and financial grants for the Bank’s various projects. This course is designed to achieve multiple objectives, including: winning, trainees receive all relevant information in various areas of project funding. ▪ Acquire all the skills and competencies of trainees to conduct all research related to the field of marketing. ▪ Gain the knowledge and skills of the trainee in the field of financial research and the environment in which he is present. Trainees are well positioned to identify and invest in opportunities. This course contains several topics: economic, legal and technical studies of various projects. The concept, type and importance of investment opportunities. Economic and environmental feasibility studies and their importance. Determine the cost and amount of funds required to implement the required project. Use your computer to calculate returns and costs. How ▪ to learn to invest in projects through COMFAR lll.

Budget cycle, budget alignment and strategy harmonization:

Accounting training courses for 2022 1 Accounting training courses for 2022

– At the end of this session, Participants will have acquired the following skills: Use the budget, determine its components and all skills related to budget preparation. ▪ Supports strategic cost estimation and understands the different areas of strategic governance related to management and business economic areas. Sessions: ▪ Managers who develop strategic plans and budgets and balance resources and revenues. ▪ Department heads and career managers who develop and implement plans. ▪ Managers responsible for strategic financial decision-making. This course covers several topics, including: Fixed initial cost. Varies by project and requirements. ▪ Key and monetary budgets and departmental budgets. The strategic plan includes elements and how to support the funding plan.

The process of preparing financial statements and accounts in accordance with international standards:

This course is conducted by accountants, financial management staff, economic analysts of various businesses and financial auditors, Etc. The contents of this decision: Research into the development of accounting standards. ▪ Understand the difference between IAS and IAS in other countries. ▪ Reports and international standards accounting ▪ inventory, adjusted expenditures and revenues ▪ prepare data in accordance with international financial ▪ reporting standards preparation of total income data and cash flows. This course is designed to develop students’ skills in financial reporting and how to solve problems that may arise and provide students with international accounting standards in accordance with international financial reporting standards (IFRS).

Effective budget and operating cost control cycle:

– Some of the objectives of the decision: Analysis of deviations at all levels. How the budget is developed and how it is linked to the strategic plan. Select all elements and types of budgets. ▪ Identify budgets for research preparation and related training courses. and financial analysts, And internal audit staff. This course covers several topics: Pros and cons of budget planning. ▪ Continuous, comprehensive, operational and capital budgets. ▪ Budget features and issues. Additional, zero and flexible budget study of the principles of financial analysis. ▪ Cost-making relationship.

Courses that combine the latest planning and financial evaluation methods:

This course is provided by accountants, financial analysts, economists, auditors, budget staff and administrative staff. – This course is designed for: ▪ Training participants in planning the fiscal budget and the future. ▪ The ability to develop and evaluate financial plans. The course covers several topics, including: List every change in equity and capital flows. Continued changes in the economic system in accordance with international standards. Analysis of the financial strategy for all related to the total profit and loss statement and the list of positions. Financing and all cash flows.

6- Professional Master of Accounting and Financial Management:

This course aims to develop outstanding accountants in important accounting areas such as cost accounting, taxation, financial analysis and e-accounting. This course includes several training topics for participants, including: Accounting and preparation of financial statements are carried out on this basis. We also mention from the course:

7- Advanced Accounting Diploma Program

8- E-accounting course for accountants

9. Certified CFO course

10. Use Microsoft Excel to design and analyze financial statements:

The process of preparing plans and budgets, internal controls and controls, Financial analysis

12- Diploma of Internal Oversight for Investment and Accounting Audit

13- Financial management course for managers and entrepreneurs

14. Professional Cost Accountant Course

PCA: Salary accounting course for management and personnel

Advanced financial management course, financial analysis of senior managers and use of a balanced scorecard

Advanced financial accounting courses, Evaluating and analysing financial performance, Financial risk management and budgeting

We conclude from the above that there are many training courses in this field, for its importance, because of the many jobs that accounting jobs may provide, After the spread of the Internet, There are many training courses in many websites, Among them according to research and analysis, Accounting training is very important for implementation, Trainees acquire many skills in developing strategic budget plans

Research into costs, revenues, profits, etc.

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