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All you want to know about administrative training

The training aims to provide individuals with information and knowledge related to their work and the best performance methods, and master their skills and abilities, So they can invest in the energy they stored, Energy that has not yet found a practical way to use it. It can change behavior and develop performance methods.

    All you want to know about administrative training

All you want to know about administrative training

therefore We found that training using the concept of management development does not only help employees gain efficiency and efficiency in their current and future work, But training is also the cornerstone of improving the capacity of employees in various fields and institutions
Training is directly linked to the management development process, Because the strategy depends on theories, rules, principles and methods of high quality scientific and professional value, It is formulated on the basis of qualified trainers who measure the training needs of all departments and departments. In addition to predicting future demand, He also knows how to provide training plans,
This actually contributes to administrative development,

It contains three main aspects.

Which is to modify the workflow, And improve the level of staff, And formulate professional strategies.

Training and its most important characteristics

Training and job recovery are among the most important characteristics of a wise organization ready for development and investment, Bearing in mind that human resources are human capital.
In addition to the elements of professional development, It is clear that attention to various forms of vocational training strategies has led to increased staff and those who apply the information transmitted by the latest developments and recovery to professionalism and the development of administrative reforms and creative changes, development and organization. The level of workers in therapeutic information.
And here, We draw attention to the value of vocational training and qualifications that control global factors and influences.

In the basic rules of training design:

Determining the location and importance of the course, And identify the beneficiaries of the course, and determine the culture of the participants in the training course, And locate the participants in the training course, and determine the general impact on the subject of the course, and determine the recommended time period for the training course,
Identify the most important obstacles and problems facing human factors, and determine the ability to ensure the mutual impact of training programs in the working environment, Identify the most important issues related to the subject of the course.
The training strategy is a set of specialized axes, Designed according to the needs of participants and beneficiaries of a specific training program.

By reviewing modern and emerging concepts and methods of using available resources, The goal is to improve abilities and skills in the working environment or social life, Because training courses solve the monotony of traditional education courses by reviewing all available information, evidence and images Words and articles to mature the recipient’s mind and increase empowerment through information that traditional education cannot provide.

Training and management development are not limited to providing individuals with new information and knowledge, It also includes:

Strengthening the desire of managers and supervisors to change and increasing their willingness to lead development fully and consistently
Increasing and improving the experience of managers, supervisors and individuals, Provide them with opportunities to improve their level and make them eligible to engage in more responsible work to meet the growing development needs. Give individuals knowledge of the administrative and technical foundations and methods of all work and clarify their role in achieving the goals of the organization in which they work.

And since every organization wants to get the biggest profit possible, This can only be achieved through the optimal use of available resources and capabilities, Since individuals have necessary resources and capabilities, It is possible to improve and improve staff through competency training and thus contribute to the ultimate goal of the organization. Training and management development objectives: Development of technical capabilities, And develop administrative and financial capabilities, Focus on the training of lecturers, And to strengthen relations and cooperation with local and foreign institutions in terms of training and exchange of experiences, Training is prepared for key topics.

Stages of the training evaluation process

Pre-training, which includes
assessing the identification of training needs and designing a training plan.
Here the training department analyzes the identification of training needs to determine the actual needs of training, To ensure that training needs are linked to the objectives and policies of the organization, And try to predict the benefits of training for the organization, work and staff

Similarly, At this point, Select an appropriate plan or design an appropriate plan or plans according to the needs of the training organization.

The stages of the training process are carried out at this stage and include: Evaluating the steps of implementing the training plan, Including evaluating the methods used in training, And the training time and the time allotted for it and the methods and techniques used in training, etc to ensure the implementation of the plan. The process is in line with the plan set for it,If there is any deficiency in the implementation of the plan, Evaluation helps correct the plan process.

Assessing the performance of trainers and trainees during the implementation of the plan, Including evaluating the achievements and performance of trainees, Understand the extent to which trainees respond to the knowledge and skills provided by trainees and how they relate to tasks and responsibilities in the work area. . The role of evaluation is to correct the course of the program according to the requirements and abilities of students.
At this point, The performance and capabilities of the trainer are assessed. This is because trainers who are below the required level first have the skills required to implement the program, Which will lead to the inability of the program to provide the trainees with the required work skills, Even if they have the best plans, capabilities, means and training equipment. .
One of the benefits of evaluating trainers may be to set criteria for selecting future trainers and setting criteria for their selection. This is the next benefit, That can avoid program failure and use another more capable trainer.
    How to prepare an effective professional training bag


After the session is over, The trainee is evaluated, Then the trainee evaluates the training plan, The evaluation includes the objectives of the course, And the topics of training, And training methods, And training methods, And the time of the course, And the time of the course, And the training room, And the ability of the coach.
Since the trainee is the first goal of the training process, This factor is a key factor in developing training concepts and strategies and making decisions for change, His observations and provisions are therefore necessary inputs in evaluating training plans. At the same time, Attention should be paid to the objective evaluation of trainees. Assess the impact of training.
This part of the post-training and management development assessment is the ultimate goal of the evaluation process, Because the purpose of training is to improve the efficiency of workers, Thus, the organization’s outputs have increased and developed.
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All you want to know about administrative training

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