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Chemistry is a physical science that deals with the characteristics, composition and structure of matter (elements and compounds) and the transformations to which it is subject and the laws of nature that define those changes.

In general, It is considered a basic science because it links physics, mathematics, biology, medicine, earth sciences and the environment.

It plays a vital role in our daily lives. Through chemistry, We are able to meet our basic needs, Including food, clothing, shelter, health, energy, clean air and water. New technologies in chemistry enrich our quality of life by providing new solutions to health, materials and energy use problems.

therefore Studying chemistry can prepare you for the real world and provide many rewarding functions.

You will certainly hold senior positions in industry, education or the public service. You can also develop more in other areas related to your own degree. That’s why free online courses with certificates are a sure choice for you.

The courses were accredited by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), And the University of Leeds, And the Indian Institute of Technology, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and other top universities in the world.

Chemistry and training courses 1 Chemistry and training courses

therefore The best free online chemistry courses with certificates include:

Atmosphere: Planets and alien life

Take a free online chemistry course on planetary atmospheres in the solar system. It also discusses the evolution of the atmosphere and how data collected from space flights can be used to determine the planet’s atmosphere.

In addition, this course examines the factors that support life, and the chances of life on other planets, The search begins for planets that can support life.

Atmospheric chemistry is a definite choice for high school and university students who want to study chemistry in college.

Vitality: Biomolecules, methods and mechanisms

Free online courses with certificates designed for students;

Professor Yafi, Surgeon and professor at MIT, He is the lecturer in this course. The course focuses on:

Chemistry and training courses 2 Chemistry and training courses


This course covers all subjects in the advanced chemistry curriculum in high school and conforms to standard subjects as defined by the American Chemical Society.

Participants should have basic knowledge of chemistry such as labeling, interactions, and measuring equal, mular and thermal elements.

An online course consists of the following modules:

  1. Mobility
  2. Chemical balance
  3. Acid-based balance
  4. Water balance
  5. Thermodynamics
Chemistry and training courses 3 Chemistry and training courses

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