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Definition of programming for children and its importance:

Programming for children is defined as a set of instructions and commands provided to a computer or other technology device to guide those devices to perform specific tasks.

Given the developments we are currently witnessing, Because of the emergence of computers and techniques that contribute to many things in life, and became indispensable in our daily lives, and the emergence of many modern technologies such as TELEVISION, phones, cars, And modern. Home appliances and many other things.

Children's programming courses and 5 sites offered 1 Children's programming courses and 5 sites offered

All modern technologies depend on programs that rely on a set of instructions and codes to operate them, It is therefore necessary to learn programming to keep up with these rapid developments.

From the early stages of life, We see children’s association with technology and their experience with modern devices, which is closer to instinct, It is therefore necessary to develop programming skills for children from an early age, Such as training them on how computers and applications they use work. Programming is a great science to help children develop and their intellectual and educational skills will benefit them in many practical areas.

Each device or program requires a different set of instructions, We have noticed that many of the household appliances we use in our daily lives require the manufacturer to program some of these tasks in advance, So modern cars and the state of the art of many technologies.

The way these techniques work depends on a particular programming language, interpreted by a computer with certain symbols and symbols, The basic programming languages on which we rely in many modern applications are: Javascript, C, Python and HTML.

Software courses for children:

Through these lessons, Children from specific age groups are trained to build programs through pre-existing foundations designed from a set of symbols, At an advanced stage, children are trained in how to learn and utilize programming languages by building specific blocks based on programming languages, texts that rely on words, abbreviations, numbers and symbols to create instructions.

The course trains very young children on the basics of programming without the need for a computer, This is done by providing a range of games that play an important role in training children in the basics of programming. Learn programming on a computer.

Children's programming courses and 5 sites offered 2 Children's programming courses and 5 sites offered

Key sites offering programming lessons to children:

There are many sites that help teach children programming, Here we will learn about the most famous and important sites that offer programming lessons to children:

Location 1: Khan Academy:

The Academy is characterized by its academic approaches based on modern technology, which relies on modern technology for children in the early years, Courses in the courses offered are independent of each other.

Khan Academy was founded with the main aim of teaching mathematics, The site then grew into a platform for distance e-learning and education in many types of science as well as mathematics.

The platform is then responsible for carrying out programming training courses to train children of a certain age to learn programming languages, Through this platform, children learn how to use the site to create their own programs in the site editor panel.

Location 2: Code Combat :

This site is simple because it is one of the distinctive sites that benefit children very much in learning programming, especially to support children who love online games this site teaches programming through games and the world raises the level of the child very quickly to the next stage through this site, Children move from simple drag and drop to a higher level where they can learn advanced programming languages such as Python.

Location 3: Scratch :

Is one of the sites that offers programming lessons for children aged 8 to 12 that are characterized by visual programming languages, which are used to train children in programming to create stories, animations and games, This is an important site that many children learn programming languages because they are easy and enjoyable to learn.

Location 4: Code Monster :

The site offers introductory lessons through which children are introduced to JavaScript programming language, This programming language is provided in a fun way because the site has two boxes. The first box shows the child’s programming, That is, in the first box, The result is displayed in the other box.


At the end of this article we learned about the concept and importance of programming as well as programming lessons for children and their necessity as well as the most important and prominent websites that help to provide educational programming lessons for children of a particular group. Lifetime.

Children's programming courses and 5 sites offered 3 Children's programming courses and 5 sites offered

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