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Defining training plans and their importance

Planning is the most important step in management, It is a dynamic and continuous process that can continue to succeed the organization, It ensures that appropriate implementation time and methods are determined before any administrative procedures are implemented. It is particularly important because it is a way to resolve development and environmental requirements related to development.
    Defining training plans and their importance

Defining training plans and their importance

The planning process is to achieve psychological cognition and make reasonable decisions for future predictions. Since most organizations operate under constantly changing and unstable conditions, Planning is required, Which means that if the conditions are stable or fragile, The demand for the plan will be reduced, So the organization must work in the right direction, Through research to understand how to develop performance to prepare proposals. Activities to improve and develop current performance.
Training organizations use a planning process and focus on adopting integrated and coherent policies. The application plan cannot operate independently of the training plan or the vision and objectives of the training institution, If each activity is carried out separately from other activities, The plan will lose its meaning and importance.

The importance of identifying training needs

The stage of identifying training needs is the starting point for any organized and planned training process, It is the main tool for proper training planning, Because it shows the person to be trained And the type of training required, And the right location for training, This leads to the effectiveness of the training process and its success in achieving the goals. . The importance of identifying training needs also stems from the fact that this is an ongoing process that changes according to the situation and problems faced by the organization and its staff.

Ways to identify training needs

  • Initial identification of training needs: The manager or direct manager is exposed to training needs or problems that need to be researched and analyzed here, However, this method cannot accurately identify training needs (using the required methods and tools or within the time available to them) and the individual can actively transfer his training needs to his or her immediate supervisor.
  • Identify training needs in detail: Training issues are provided here by training planners or external consultants in the organization – if the organization does not have the necessary knowledge or professional means, He’s going to study the situation, and collect and analyze the necessary data, Analysis of the current situation. Some training needs for thorough investigations, This task is usually designed by experts in training in their fields of specialization in the form of special training, The organization’s recommendations address the target group.

Problems identifying training needs

  • Training needs have not been identified in a scientific way.
  • Institutional departments are insufficiently aware of the importance of identifying training needs.
  • Speed up the implementation of the training plan so that time does not allow waiting to determine the actual request.
  • In the training plan, Pay attention to quantity, not quality, Any number of trainees through training courses, Not the types of skills or behaviors they learn from these courses.
  • Set the training process for non-specialists or people who are not interested.
  • Cost portion.
  • Don’t treat training as a collaborative activity, Which means that in order to achieve success, Management, trainers and trainees responsible for planning and following up training activities must cooperate.

I thought of an important question, Why didn’t the training achieve results, The answer is that the specific training needs have not been identified in the form of specific training objectives, This is very important because it is clearly defined, quantitative, timely and qualitative and training objectives can ensure guidance and design for all work in training. Planning, setting the subject, selecting trainers, implementing and financing the plan and evaluating the results of achieving this goal.

Vision and objectives of training institutions

Dream is a circle of dreams that invites us to think about the future and pushes us to look towards the horizon, shining from our furthest eyes; We stare at where we are between our feet, And look where we are. he is content with the reality of his life and considers it our world But if we raise our heads to draw a line for movement, We start from the reality that we are in now, Because each of us has the right to see what appears in the horizon of his life, We’ll know where all this is headed.
The vision represents the horizon of knowledge that controls the visions and visions of its strategic leaders, It is a vast space for great ideas, dreams and goals. With regard to the existence of a strategic vision in a training institution, It reflects the wishes and interests of the organization, and provide her with insights (where to go), Reflecting the identity of the organization, It sets a strategic path for it. Conducting training clearly shows the hope of the future and the ambition of the strategic leader, Because this is a tangible product of strategic thinking, And a source of loyalty, He belongs to the training organization.

The concept ofstrategic vision

It is the image of the organization and its desire for the future, And it cannot be achieved through current capabilities, But it is accessible, It is a full understanding of the future of the organization, Strong ideas and strong forces overwhelm and captivate members of the Organization. Thought and conscience enhanced their abilities, And they stimulated their energy, They presented achievements and challenges to the goals and challenges. their dreams. Our vision is to answer the following questions: Who are we? Where are we going? What will this institution look like in the future? What is the difference between our organization and other organizations?

Developing a strategic vision

emergencies that the institutional environment may face due to unstable factors spread from all directions by the winds of change, such as changes in cultural, social and technological factors, and increase competition, and the development of services or product quality provided by competition agencies, and training institutions changes in culture, values etc., The organization faces challenges, This makes the organization visionary at the beginning of its creation. So , It is necessary to review the formulation of the current institutional vision based on these developments, This is necessary, The development of the vision represents the collective efforts of the senior management and the carefully formed task force (plan).

The concept of purpose

The goals are the final results that individuals or organizations aspire to achieve, Because they are measurable elements, We must clearly understand the objectives to achieve them successfully. Many training institutions can set goals in a specific methodical manner. The process begins with high-level targets so that their goals are consistent with the chart.
The graph shows the degree to which the target is seen. The goal must be at a high level and should not be unclear. Setting goals in the action plan is the most important part, Setting goals allows the organization to identify results and activities that can be easily pursued successfully.
The important question now is whether the training plan depends solely on training needs? The answer is that the training plan must be based on identifying training needs and is the basis for the development of the training plan for the training institution, But attention must be paid to the vision and objectives of the training institution, The training organization must strive to achieve this vision and the goal of making it better than the present.
Top. To do this, It is necessary to develop the vision and objectives in the training plan of the training institution on a regular and gradual basis to integrate them. The integration and interconnection of training requirements in the training plan with the vision and objectives of the training institution makes it a comprehensive plan that looks at all aspects and tries to progress at all levels of the organization, Both externally and internally.
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Defining training plans and their importance

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