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When there is a presentation, many people are worried and afraid when thinking about the idea of speaking or giving a speech to the public, They will use the fear of speaking as an excuse to miss the opportunity and deny themselves the opportunity to try in front of others, So they lose this others may not be able to have the opportunities that may not be available again. Fear of speaking in public is normal because it is one of people’s most common fears, Where some people are more afraid to talk in public than die, But there are many methods that can help increase the speaker if you master this confidence in yourself and give the recipient a positive suggestion about how confident the speaker is and how much he knows about the topic he’s talking about.

Since a presentation includes standing in front of the public and talking to them, You need some methods to help you build confidence to make a successful presentation. These tips are divided into three main sections:

Or not: Tips for preparing good presentation content:

It will yield good results. In the run-up to your presentation, Follow the following tips:


Make sure your topic title is interesting. The more interesting the title of the topic, You’re more likely to get your audience’s attention on the topic you’re talking about. Be creative and create an attractive title that intrigues the reader and is excited to learn more. And stay away from consumer and popular news headlines.


Make sure your topic’s ideas are clear and specific and not general. The more general the idea, The more time you need to talk about it and cover all its aspects. So giving each party’s entitlement, It may not give you time to make your offer.

The general format of the show:

Presentations are help and support for the speaker, It is not a source of information. Remember that the primary source of information is only the speaker, Who are you. therefore Just write key sentences to help you remember the points you plan to discuss in order during the explanation. Try writing short and simple sentences and choosing easy-to-pronounce words. Avoid words that you think may be difficult to pronounce, And avoid putting a lot of complex sentences in your slides, Because this can confuse your audience. When you write content for presentation slides, Avoid using too many colors that can hinder your audience’s concentration and strain their eyes while watching. Instead, Focus only in one or two clear colors. Make sure you use lines that can be understood in terms of shape and size, It’s not too small for the audience to read, nor too big for your presentation to seem crowded.


Be sure to view your content to your family or friends as this can help you anticipate how much time you’ll need during your presentation. Every time I talk, Say how long it takes to complete your presentation, It can help you increase your knowledge of content and thereby reduce your fear when talking. Not only that, Practice will help you identify and strengthen your strengths, In addition to your weaknesses, So you can work on it.

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Secondly: Tips during start-up and presentation if you stick to previous tips during the preparation and presentation phases, There is no doubt that you will do well, The following tips will also help you do this:

1. Be in the hall early

2- Smile and start with a suitable introduction

3. Pay attention to your body language

4. Be prepared for everything

5. Avoid verbal syndrome

6. Control the auditorium

Third: Tips when completing the demo:

Finish the presentation with a faint smile at first and open the way for the audience to ask questions (if any) to finish the presentation. If you receive a question you don’t know the answer to, Don’t feel confused or nervous, But turn the question into a collective question for your audience. In this way, it will facilitate the exchange of ideas and enrich discussions among themselves. If the public cannot answer this question, Assign them as a task and discuss the answers the next day, But don’t run away from or ignore questions because they give the negative impression that you don’t know much about it. You can also apologize and make it clear that you don’t have a proper answer right now, Then confirm that you will find a good answer and tell them that.

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Up to you Speaking and presenting to the public is nothing more than a skill based on other basic skills and includes several aspects such as: How to write and prepare content and the idea of choosing a theme. Body language and cues. How to manage the lobby and deal with all attendees during the show. If you are keen to develop these skills, and refine it separately, Then speaking or showing in front of the public is no longer a daunting challenge, You’ll be able to stand confidently in front of large and small audiences to communicate your thoughts without the slightest fear or nervousness.

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