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Engineering training courses have become especially indispensable with the development of engineering sciences and the search for excellence in this field and the inflation of work in it and the increase of technical and cognitive means in this field and this made engineering training courses very important for all engineers

Regardless of your engineering career, you look forward to adding management expertise and competencies to your job, Engineering training courses are best for you because they provide every engineer who wishes to develop his management experience the basics necessary to supervise the teams and improve the performance project, Or expand the perception and management, technical, leadership and operational competencies. These engineering training courses focus on providing the management skills that each engineer needs to successfully manage projects in multiple areas.

Training is undoubtedly one of the most important ways to improve the performance and professional performance of employees in organizations of all disciplines, nature and sizes. Like other institutions, Engineering institutions working in the construction industry clearly show the impact of engineering training courses on them, This area is of great importance and a special research opportunity. And the search.

Training has become an integral part of the working life of engineers and anyone who plans to develop their performance at various functional, economic and social levels. Training of engineers has become a requirement in many countries to practice and continue the profession, By increasing the competitiveness of engineers and thus returning to institutions. And get a high-level engineering of performance return and this is done by engineering training courses

One of the most important objectives of engineering training courses is to change beliefs and acquire different skills, which in turn will be a key factor in personal and professional development, But how do we ensure that these goals are achieved through training programs for engineers?

A field study of civilian engineers was conducted in Baghdad to assess their participation in training programs. This includes determining the magnitude of the training problem, And the amount of return on training, and evaluate the training providers who fund it, And the topics of training programs, And the future of those programs.

From our investigation following the engineering training courses we found the following:

The engineering department is the department that oversees all kinds of engineering projects, Starting with urban construction projects and related projects, Through electrical, energy and technical engineering projects, And to the end of electronic and technical engineering projects, And so on, In accordance with the system of work to ensure the implementation of these projects. Accuracy and speed.

Objectives of engineering training courses

Engineering training courses are designed to achieve the following benefits: Learn about basic concepts of management and leadership. Enable students to understand and understand engineering management methods in theory and practice. Effective project management steps: Balancing project objectives, budget, management and project planning. How to organize a complete financial, administrative and technical plan and a site to determine the closure of an engineering project. Learn about the concepts and applications of marketing management in engineering projects, media and public relations and their impact on projects.

Activities and training methods within engineering training courses

Training seminar – practical application – group discussion – workshop

Contents of a course in engineering management

The course contains many important elements and fundamentals to achieve the objectives of the course, Some details can vary depending on the nature of the project that the trainee is seeking to work on, Depending on the nature of his work, General courses include: to create a successful project. How to choose the right in how project managers work together successfully in teams how professional projects successfully manage projects across sectors and policy development project implementation plan presented in engineering management concepts engineering management concepts engineering management objective models engineering management issues understanding organizational structure and the impact of different functional leadership that provides engineering function on innovation management of various areas of work and positions in the diverse workforce and retained in engineering management benefits engineering management practical applications applications Engineering Management of Engineering Management in 2021

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