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Everything you want to know about the training process

Training is defined as A number of initiatives and processes that The employee was appointed to acquire a lot of data, knowledge, and professionalism at work, and the experience that Change for the better and rise degree and standard of performance in work, or Some growth . He has experience. And current skilled experiences that he benefits from in his work existing or preparing it for future work

    Everything you want to know about the training process

Everything you want to know about the training process

Training is A modern and influential tool for developing and modifying any From Life squares heterogeneous, Whether it’s in the personal, academic, financial, practical, family, health or any A newer field, training today occupies Central rank in the world as a means Essential and influential to meet and accomplish the purposes by dividing them for scant tasks.

The manufacturing of training has become a heavy industry that requires certain inputs, and these inputs must also have certain measures of ingenuity so that we can achieve the proper concept of exercise, And modify the old concepts, Training is not purely an allowance but a high-priced investment.

The concept of training

Training refers to the acquisition of knowledge and professionalism at work, and competencies as a result of vocational teaching or practical skill experiences and knowledge related to specific useful competencies, It forms the heart of apprenticeships and gives the backbone of content at technical institutes, also known as technological colleges or technical institutes.

In addition, the necessary training required for projects, employment or craft, and labour market observers recognize the need to pursue training outside the initial qualifications to maintain the modernization and renewal of effort skills during life.

And people have been nodding at abundant amount of professions and crafts to That kind of Training as development Professional, And a few people use Identical convention in The place of effort is learning. In order to revise the performance i.e. Training and development.

Training objectives

The training objectives are a range of vehicles :

The importance of training

Training is of great importance in many heterogeneous fields, particularly in the field of actions and services, and the following points show the need for training:

1. Increasing production: Effective training in the rise of workers’ productivity is appointed by transferring the required skill experiences, The ability to compete in the place of buying and selling, as productivity should be increased and the value of the issue reduced to face the competition in the place of buying and selling.

2. Industrial Safety: Training supports workers in how to dispose of machines safely. Khayal also knows the use of various safety equipment at work, making them less vulnerable to industrial accidents.

3. Reducing learning time: Organizational training by trainers reduces the duration of training, so that workers are taught by trying and wrong, It makes them take longer and they may not be able to learn the right ways to do the work.

4. Modifying proficiency and originality: the role of training in promoting the continuous promotion of the quality of goods, by providing appropriate training to workers.

5. Keep up with it Technology: Technology contributes to conversion at an immediate progress rate, Which requires workers to learn techniques Fashionable to take advantage of Advanced technology, It requires treatment Training as a process steady to renew the staff in Modern methods and measures .

6.Body window: can Use training as a tool Window for planning and control, It develops Skilled experiences between workers and prepare them To act on jobs. current and future, And he’s appointed to Reducing control mandates, reducing Industrial calamities. Just like it is. to help High productivity and the mastery and originality that is Destinations for any A modern company.

Types of training

Various forms of training remain for employees such as induction training, activation exercise, effort exercise, vestibule training and promotions, while explaining them:

1. Induction exercise : He also knows the name Orientation training provided to new recruits to make them on Awareness of the internal climate of the institution, And support the employees on Aware of practices and a blog Management systems, plans and strategies present in the organization.

2. Job training: This training gives an overview of the craft and experienced trainers that appear to be the entire craft, and a supplementary training is provided to the staff following the assessment of their performance if necessary.

3. Invigorating training: That style of Exercise with the aim of integrating The newer advances in A specific field, Just like he’s finishing the transfer. that training to raise the rate of expertise of the skilled employees, This training can also be used in Revision of the employee.

4. Vestibule training : It is training in the actual effort that needs to be done by the employee only to arise away from the workplace.

5. Vocational training: In this type of training, the trainee rules a certain period of time under the supervision of the supervisor.

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Everything you want to know about the training process

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