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There is no doubt that human development science has become one of the most widespread sciences today, And there are many websites that offer free courses in human development This has made the demand for it increase day by day, for what this knowledge holds for many advantages for both the individual and the society And for the wonderful benefits it offers, it transforms human life for the better, and push it to more development and success and push him to be able to exploit all his abilities and qualities that distinguish him from others It is a human science that is applicable to all human beings without conditions or restrictions, All he needs is a mature mind that is ready to bring about change and development in life.

Human development training courses 1 Human development training courses

A brief idea of human development science :

Human development science is defined as the science of human development in general, which uses human qualities to work on them, and its development and evaluation and upgrading the mental, intellectual and cognitive features of the individual and also upgrading all the surrounding environment and society with all its vocabulary and make all things go in one system in one direction which is progress, happiness and prosperity based on the human abilities himself, which is the nucleus of that society and the origin of that environment.

And from that comprehensive view, It can be said that the science of human development is mainly aimed at change and comprehensive development, and make everything in the universe a mockery of human success and societal development.

As the study of human development science, It is also a supportive study of the human soul, where you play the role of light in the dark, and energy for change in difficult times and turning all negative energies into positive ones Through comprehensive internal change, And not by changing things, It is a science that always calls for change from within the human being and from within his mind, This is most of what the topics in human development courses revolve around.

Why free training courses in human development:


Since the science of human development has become so popular, This has led over time to the increase of specialists in it, and who were able to get specialized training courses in it and they have the ability to teach and spread this science in a free way and on many websites, and that is with the aim of spreading the foundations and principles of this wonderful science As well as competition for the role of leadership and fame in human development science, And also he won money by watching many people watch him, Many serious learners participate in the pages and forums of this renowned trainer based on teaching free training courses in human development.

Human development training courses 2 Human development training courses

Some sites where free training courses are available in human development:


1- Corcera website:

Corsera is one of the most famous sites specialized in training courses, Where part of these courses is offered by its owners in a paid way, And the other part is offered by its owners for free And one of the most important of these training courses contained in the Corsera website, Are free training courses in this field, which is often presented in English, The main titles of these courses include:

1- Courses in career success.

2- Courses in professional development.

3- Courses in the development of abilities in English.

4- Courses in the techniques of dialogue with others.

5- Courses in learning English academically.

6- Courses in successful management techniques.

7- Courses in how to apply for one’s self.

8- Courses for the assistant teacher.

9- Courses in teaching how to solve complex problems.

2- Yodemi website:

It can be said that yodemi works in the same way as Corsera, But yodemy is increasing the presence of paid training courses and it decreases the existence of free training courses However, the site is useful in providing some free training courses, And it is also served in English, Among them:

1- Courses in how to professionalize self-learning.

2- Courses in the teaching of the art of choice.

3- Courses in training in focus and thinking.

4- Courses in vendor training and marketing art.

5- Courses in Laif Kuching.

6- Courses in professional leadership thinking.

3- Dr. Ibrahim Al-Fiqi’s courses:

Dr. Ibrahim al-Fiqi is one of the greatest signs in this field, who was well known in this field, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Fiqi has begun his career completely away from the science of human development, But after he emigrated to Canada and settled there, He studied human development, He received his Doctorate, He trained thousands later, He has published many well-known books, Therefore, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Fiqi’s courses are one of the most famous human development courses, The most important names of these courses include:

1 – The 10 keys to success.

2- Secrets of self-power.

3- The art and secrets of decision-making.

4- The power of self-confidence.

5- Changed your life in 30 days.

6- The power of thinking.


8- The power of self-confidence.

9- The secrets of the twelve successes.

10 – Secrets of personal power.

Advantages of getting training courses:


1- One of the advantages of obtaining training courses in the field of human development, is that the human gets to know himself well and be more aware of it Which makes him realize himself properly.

2- Human development cycles help people to exploit their abilities to the best of their ability, Which makes reality gradually turn for the better.

3- One of the most important advantages of human development cycles is also, in that it helps man to achieve the desired success of his life, And achieve his goals in a fast, easy and effective way.

4- During the study of coursesfor the development of humanity , Learn to solve difficult problems with flexibility and innovation.

5. Human development cycles are also characterized by the fact that they enhance human self-confidence, And make him able to go through new experiences without fear or excessive anxiety.

6. The study of human development cycles is also characterized by the fact that they can be easily collected remotely, Or by reading in books, or even listening to audio recordings, It is a science that depends on talking to the mind without complex practical training These are the most important advantages of obtaining free training courses in human development.

Human development training courses 3 Human development training courses

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