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Learn about modern training methods and how to achieve them

Computer-assisted training is based on the use of computers to explain courses and train and evaluate trainees and training courses.
    Learn about modern training methods and how to achieve them

Learn about modern training methods and how to achieve them

When a teacher can use it for self-study, They are also useful for the professional development of the teacher, So that he can discover new knowledge and information and develop specific skills for him.

Modern training methods

1. Mini-teaching (training: Mini-teaching) is a type of education that is conducted in a short time (about 10 minutes on average). A few trainees participate (usually between 5-10). During this period, The trainer participates in the concept of mini-teaching. The purpose of education is to give trainers the opportunity to get feedback on the suspension of this teaching, A video is usually used to record the education site, Then restart the video to facilitate feedback.
It is not a precondition and requires completion of education or partial teaching. Types of mini-teaching include: Early training in mini-teaching, And on-the-job training, and continuous partial education, And finish the mini-teaching, And targeted micro-education, And free partial education, And general partial education, And special partial education. Education. , Small consultations, Rigorous consultation and supervision training; lawyers’ defence training; training of university teachers.
Partial teaching is done in stages: Teaching and education, Watching, Preparing the course, Teaching Dialogue and discussion, Re-teaching, Evaluation and transition to full teaching. Small-scale teaching possesses the following skills, The most important are: Preparation skills, And skills of choosing subjects, And recruitment and organization skills, and expression skills, and suspense and connection And interpretive skills, And reinforcement skills, and question and answer skills And taking into account the level of the trainees and their individual differences, And their motor skills, and skills using teaching techniques, Training and evaluation skills.
2. Competency-based training: These competency-based programs are based on specific and clear objectives for the training of faculty and staff, These programmes are designed to achieve these goals. The teacher’s ability indicates that members are able to achieve different learning goals.
The training capability includes two sides, One is knowledge and the other is skills. Efficiency comes from a clear understanding of the roles of members, Including knowledge, skills and behaviors. In addition to the ability of members to specialize in materials including diagnostic abilities and behavioral skills, All methods that help develop these skills can also be used within the framework, Such as analysis of educational work, partial education and training of the teaching model.
This training is as follows:
  • Identifying the basic abilities of teachers, Like the ability to teach a profession, The ability to plan and evaluate.
  • Rank these capabilities according to the importance of needs.
  • Plan appropriate educational programs to achieve these capabilities.
  • Planning and implementation of training and implementation of the plan.
  • Tracking, evaluation and feedback.
  • Continuity of training until the trainee’s ability is proven.

3. Performance-based training: These procedures depend on the concept of performance, i.e. taking positive and effective action to acquire skill or ability, The ability to perform a skill well according to objective criteria. These procedures contain the knowledge, abilities, skills and tasks that trainees need to perform, In addition to the expected performance criteria for members to review before starting training. This type of training is useful for practical skills training and helps to show individual differences between trainees.

4. Interactive video-based training: (Interactive video-based training): This type of training depends on the advantages of combining video and computer education. It’s a separate educational system produced by connecting video devices to the video device through a technology that enables computers or computers to integrate materials stored on tapes or CDs into recommended tutorials. In this kind of training, Educational materials are provided in an appropriate manner, And the trainees interact on the program and include the answers of the trainees, Provide them with immediate feedback to correct their mistakes and change their behaviour.
5. Remote training
6. E-training

Learn about modern training methods and how to achieve them 1 Learn about modern training methods and how to achieve them

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    7 Most important objectives of the training program
Learn about modern training methods and how to achieve them

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Learn about modern training methods and how to achieve them

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