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Learn about the importance of training for organizations

Training is a huge necessity in the age we live in. Technological and scientific progress has become so rapid that we all the time need to learn skillful experiences and recent sciences. There is no famous example or explanation from the computer and its rapid developments so that we lack to learn new in that field , possibly weekly .

Learn about the importance of training for organizations

Look at the progress in administrative sciences and the influence of globalization on management concepts. In manufacturing, we find that technological progress makes us obliged to use advanced equipment , and so we need to train the highest
However, the exercise is not linked Not only with science, knowledge and techniques The new one, but the exercise for him other factors . One of the most powerful of these factors Our fading points when working in The commercial establishment that lowers their efficiency to perform their work.
The origin of these fading points could be the deterioration of education, the difference between education and the demands of effort , or the diversion of the career path . Many of us, as soon as they begin their existence in the practical world , discover that they are not familiar with writing job reports, preparing seminars , the laws of effort , or the methods of examining problems .
Therefore , there is an abundant amount of points of deterioration that we do not need to strengthen with exercise . Usually , you see leaders scorn the skills of fresh graduates and only talk about their deterioration , which is an unconstructive and disrespectful approach. If we try to train these people, we may discover that they have very great potential and will benefit the effort greatly . They will have a measure of loyalty to the institution that gave them training opportunities, and they will also have an amount of evaluation for their managers who are interested in improving their skills.
Training to treat deterioration points has a great impact and a great need on the least educated rates , such as those with intermediate qualifications
This is due to many factors .
First: The deterioration of the degree and educational standard does not make the individual able to develop his skill on his own by reading, observing and researching on the World Wide Web .
Second: Usually there are skill experiences and knowledge necessary for work that are missing from the employee, such as the skill experience of using a computer or the skill of communicating with customers or understanding the British language.
Third: The lack of training for the lower rates in the job hierarchy indicates that the higher rates closely supervise the work of the lower rates and perhaps the performance of some of their work. Therefore , the higher rates are neglected in their official work.

The importance of training for individuals

Exercise is essential to us as individuals and there are many training courses that help us develop our skill in effort and in life. Many of us require to develop our skills in a computer field , to develop a foreign language, to develop our mother tongue, to learn some technology , or to acquire a few knowledge and administrative skill experiences to the newest things related to the skills of effort .
Exercise is also essential to gaining weight skill experiences Relevance to life, such as first aid and preparation for life stages Coming and way resource body Financial family style and how to trade with problematic such as handicap or The death of a loved one . That last category lacks us To pay more attention , many of us accept marriage Without knowing me style and how to communicate with His wife and then have children and he did not learn anything about their upbringing And the way they think And the stimulus of their crying then enters into Retirement period while he did not train for method of transmission with That is the case .
But many of us do not know what to do when they find themselves alone with a wounded or drowned individual who requires medication . Exercise is also important for learning about religion properly. In this article we will focus on the work- related exercise

Training success and failure

Tawfiq the exercise is not immediately after written agreement A course is a learning course and it is no secret to the reader the great number of training courses that fail to achieve their goals. The purpose of the training course is to develop the trainees’ skill experiences or the rise of their knowledge of what will benefit them in their work or life . Thus , the trainees’ inability to benefit from the training course is a failure of the training course. If the institution stands on its feet by holding training courses to upgrade the administrative side, and then the trainees do not use what they have learned from skill experiences in their work, then the training course has failed

Internal training and external training

Internal training is the training that employees of the commercial establishment perform for their colleagues or subordinates.
This type of exercise may not be of interest to us while it has many advantages . The internal exercise develops the skill experiences of the technical director and the trainee and strengthens the link between them if it is done in a proper manner .
In the internship , attention is given to the applications of the command in the company and its problems . The technical director in the internal exercise is more in keeping with the development of the trainees’ skill experiences . The defect of internal training is the insufficient experience of the coach in the exercise , or the trainees’ failure to agree to the idea that a colleague of them is the sports director .
For this reason , it would be appropriate to train these trainers on the principles of exercise . It is also possible to take into account that the technical director is constantly in a higher position than the trainees, or we can create environmental conditions and a culture that accepts learning from colleagues.
One of the risks of the internal exercise is that the technical director does not prepare well for the exercise from various references and origins , but he relies on his experience only , and therefore may cause the transfer of wrong habits of effort to the trainees.
These problems can be avoided by training the trainers and supervising the exercise to ensure that the programs are well designed
on the other direction The advantage of external training is that the trainers They may have more experience in field of exercise and have a deeper theoretical (or practical) background. External exercise adds ideas from outside The business facility is allowed for employees to see Another idea and see what’s new. External exercise may there is Non-training modes Available in The company itself . Training courses that contributes to it In addition to a company that allows trainees to discuss, dialogue, exchange experiences, and see the Other company endeavors In addition to building good business bonds .
The external exercise may be flawed by the commercial aspect, including that the direction of the exercise regulation may not pay much attention to the results of the exercise , but rather pay attention immediately to the written agreement of the session and obtain the essential compensation .
One of the disadvantages of external training is that the trainers sometimes follow the method of creating training courses with attractive and modern names, while the training content is the same as the content of training courses in the past, and that it was previously provided and the employees contributed to it.
External training may be defective due to the lack of examples from the reality of the company and the distance of the training content from the needs of the trainees
Learn about the importance of training for organizations

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Learn about the importance of training for organizations

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