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Learn about the most important areas of student activity

The areas of student activity essentially reflect our grant of highly carefully considered fields in education in general, and pre-university in particular, and this is for the enormous role they play in the formation and development of the student’s personality from different mental, psychological and social aspects, If These initiatives break down barriers and relationships. classic between professor and students in classrooms , And so at the hands of the positions Heterogeneous that Contributed by the student through those activities that therefore work on Developing his skills and abilities and oppose the problems that Confront.

    Learn about the most important areas of student activity

Learn about the most important areas of student activity

And activity is not a subject. isolated from other subjects, But it’s. permeates all subjects, It is an important part of the curriculum in its sense The spacious est in which the concept of curriculum and study life is synonymous To meet and complete the overall integrated increase and education equal, Just as student-oriented activity Educational field essentially no less important than Courses, where by the activity outside Classrooms Students can express their hobbies and satisfy their needs, And through student activity Students can also gain learning experiences and attitudes that are difficult to learn Within the classroom .

Concepts of school activities:

. The American Knowledge Service defines it as represented by programs implemented under the supervision and guidance of the school, which eats everything related to school life and its heterogeneous activities related to school materials, or social and environmental aspects, Or clubs with practical , scientific, sports, musical, theatrical or school printed materials .

. Student activity means that students undertake many initiatives within the educational environmental conditions (school), These efforts range from human to economic, or educational, and many of what led the student activity to transform the lives of its contributors into the finest, and then to transform the communities in which they live, Student activity is multi-faceted .

The importance of student activities

. The importance of students ‘ commitment to good morals.

Update negative behavior in a limited number of students.


Dismiss students to feel the importance of what they can do during school life.

The development of the student’s personal skill experiences, He comes out of the routine of an easy student who refers to school. . To take science into the locked rooms, thenclose the yieldto the house.

. The student discovers some of his talents when participating in student activity.

Strengthening relations between students, students , teachers and academics at the school.

. Breaking down barriers between students and educational environmental conditions , And make it more bringthem, Thanks to the diversity of their activities.

Modifying the expertise of communication skills among students, such as: expressing the proposal, with the need to appreciate, take into account and accept the idea of others.

Types and areas of student activity

1. Cultural activity

2. Sports activity

3. Scientific activity

4. Social activity

5. Scout activity

6. Artistic activity

Learn about the most important areas of student activity
Learn about the most important areas of student activity

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Learn about the most important areas of student activity

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