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Learn innovative ways to deliver training

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This text discusses innovative ways to provide training used by leading companies.

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Learn innovative ways to deliver training

The first way: On-site training

The exercise is in position The effort (direct guidance) is One of the methods to facilitate the exercise of the expertise of the employees. The exercise is on site. Effort to The licensed individual who trains The employee on Basic skill experiences to accomplish Missions.

One of the presidents or any individual with experience shows how and how to perform the actual profession.

You can choose Sports Director of the Work is many Methods, However, it is customary to write off the choice of Artistic Director Construction on Personality And skilled experiences and knowledge. It is customary to complete the presentation of That category of Exercise on Skilled expertise within the business. Spin negatives That exercise about the individual who By putting up the exercise.

If it’s him or her, he’s not good at The call, you may not. The exercise works. Similarly, If that individual had “other things to do,” Lost no. The person rules the same The time necessary to exercise and provide guidance Basic. in That circumstance, The new employee can be frustrated. About exercise and it might lead That’s to spin.

Method 2: Providing technical guidance

The guidance also calculates a category of exercise presentation.
The mentor is a certified and experienced consultant with immediate experience in modifying the staff member. Guidance is the process by which the employee can be trained and developed by a skilled and experienced one.
Typically, the use of guidance as a steady method of training and modifying the employee is deleted.
There is a negative cost to that category of exercise, which is the possible method of communication and personal quarrels.
It can also lead to the reliance of the high-priced employee on the router or the body by the router. That’s more different than exercise during effort,

Which tends to be short-term and focuses on the skill experiences necessary to perform a specific profession.

Method 3: Training during lunch

The “lunch bag” exercise is aimed at creating informal weather. Just as the name suggests, it’s a day to the exercise that comes out all lunchtime,

Staff prepare their food and one shows them exercise data. The artistic director can be one of the members of the Humanitarian Resources or Utility Department to share his recent artistic skills.
Just like lunch practice can be. Window tool for applying exercises The club, she said she was gathering. Characters with each other with A sense of comfort. A limited number of organizations offer lunch-eating exercise for personal development Also.
As an example, the Department of Human Resources may want to hire a professional expert on human resources subjects, or it is possible for the employee to showa travel-style presentation that he has promoted,

with arguing things learned in The travel. And from defects and shortcomings of that category of Exercise reduced attendance and attention by Employees who may not They want in.Effort. During the lunch break stages . There can also be inconsistencies in Correspondence , then. The exercise was put forward and not everyone was present to hear the message.

Method 4: Providing web-based training

The online exercise is called a large number of names. It is possible to call it e-learning and ongoing learning on the computer and on technology. a limited number of sight from the name, Any online practice involves the use of technology to facilitate exercise

There are two types of learning on the internet:

1. Parallel exercise based on the driving of the sports director of the exercise sessions.

2. Unconstrained exercise that is not based on the sports director.
There is a wealth of benefits allocated to the exercise present on the Internet.

First, it is available to the requirement and does not lack travel and is effective in that price

The presentation of the exercise on the internet gives the field well to specific maran topics. For example, this could be how to present a reality for safety exercise, technical exercise, good exercise and professional exercise. However, with regard to some exercise,

Such as practicing personal skill experiences, it can be another way to adapt to presentation.

Method 5: Providing training with experienced staff

Learning to accompany experienced employees is a method and a way to provide a training that makes an employee who actually has the skill expertise to accompany a newer employee in order to update his skills.

he uses The apprenticeship approach (is A training approach for generations Modern wanting to own Craft in Ma Field , learning in a lieutenant. experienced employees as a kind of Forms of exercise methods. For example, an electrician can Little experience that He follows, monitors and watches the experienced electrician. Who has a responsibility to do the tasks and learn. By insight.

Ultimately, the trainee will be able to learn the skill expertise necessary to do the work alone. The downside of that category of exercise is the likelihood that the employee will learn from the other employee “bad customs” or shortcuts to perform tasks that may not be intended for the organization.

Method 6: Offer “Job Swap” training

he Style and how to practice as it agrees All employees to switch jobs For a time from Time. And of course. The situation, Using that method, There will be a demand to Another time to ensure you know. The employee has the basic skill expertise to apply the experiences of modern work skills.

Exercise through job swaps can be a motivational spend for employees. It can be an excellent face for organizations as well as employees dealing with them in many types of jobs. Nevertheless, learning time can be an unproductive time, which can lead to loss of revenue.

Method 7: Vestibule training

In this type of exercise, the exercise is completed next to the effort site in the meeting rooms, lecture rooms and classrooms.

That could be a method and a position to provide directions. and a few record exercises on Professionalism. As an example, to become a professional electrician, you By practicing by learning from a colleague latest and during work and exercise the vestibule to learn Constitution and symbols associated with the installation of electricity.
Throughout the seasons vacations, used firm MACY Exercise on the vestibule to teach New recruits How and how to use the cash enrollment pattern And allow the exercise to Skilled experiences on how to save an excellent benefit for customers.
    The difference between active learning and effective learning

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